Thank you for clearing up some of the facts Bushes Baked Beans and Seriously.Hey born an raised come at me bro who’s been fighting the good fight loves your comments too.



‘Bornandbreed’ exactly how much crack you been smoking and for how long? I had a stroke just reading this. Why did you have to include skin color, closeted racist much? I personally will talk as much shit as I like about your precious Greenes and their wrong doings no matter where I’m at and Kevin is free to do the same. You know, since the fire department has made itself a public spectacle it’s pretty standard for people to have opinions. You know what they say when the ‘lady’ protests too much, she’s surely guilty. You madam are no lady.

PS tone down the exclamations, that’s a damn sin if I’ve ever seen one. Please don’t breed anymore we need meth off the streets.


To quote you again: born and raised or born and breed (did you mean bred? Maybe you are looking to breed as in have a litter of kittens) ….“(What she, Tebo complained of is that he did not continue with his instructors license) Yes That’s the fact! Kevin Pitman did instruct fire training that did not certify said trainees in the training! He resigned when this was brought to his attention! Fact!”

NOT COMPLETELY FACT! Tebo’s complaint was that but not continuing his license was not a condition of the chiefs position. Obviously, since The current chief doesn’t nor ever had that license. Chief Pittman did instruct fire training and it did certify the trainees. After all the training the students still had to go through their practicals, they had to show other OUTSIDE instructors they were capable of the skills they were taught. He did not resign because of his license, that was old news that Tebo was well aware of. Tebo was just embarrassed that she made a false statement to the newspaper about them all being certified before the final sign off. All the trainees were certified in 2017. Pittman was and still is qualified to train, the license that Tebo was upset about is the one that allows him to sign the final paperwork which really doesn’t matter since the trainees have to show they can perform the skills they learned to OUTSIDE instructors. He resigned because he nor any of the team deserved the slander or lies that Tebo and the Greene’s made up. Since you are so in the know, you should already be aware that the Greene’s were calling and filing false complaints on the firefighters at their full time jobs. No reason for that! That’s immature and unprofessional and had nothing to do with the fire department. Just cold, jealous, and petty hearts.

As for Pittman’s ethics and talking down about the fire department in state uniform… that is FALSE! He is a professional and has a high standard on ethics. I’ve been there when others speak down about the fire department in front of him and never once, especially while in uniform, has he said anything derogatory. He has said outright he will not entertain or discuss any fire department talk while he is working. He is a true professional. Names and numbers in your back pocket? Of who, your ‘source’? HA you can’t be taken seriously with ridiculous veiled threats especially when you have no FACTUAL information.


Hey born an raised come at me bro.
Damn looks like Born n Stupid got shut down once again with the cold hard truth. Thanks again want to try and spin the wheel again to see how many more lies you can tell.

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