Stacy’s contract did not renew September 2017 but rather the Town picked a date of December 2017 running for a period of 12 months

Although this portion went to the Ethics Commission, it also was the last meeting Frederick Koberlein attended in October 2017, deeming Stacy Tebo at the time an “At Will employee”  since the contract had not been renewed in September of 2017.   Since each contract runs for twelve months, Mr. Koberlein on October 10th advised Rhett Bullard that the contract could not be extended.  Later of course, Rhett Bullard , took it upon himself to keep saying her contract was extended, and finally the meeting to discuss drug abuse was quashed.

We finally received her new contract which apparently was affected not in September, backdating such as though it was an extension; but rather it is a new contract of twelve months commencing the 12th day of December, 2017.  Things could never be better.


Frederick Koberlein advised the Council at a regular council meeting that Stacy Tebo’s contract had not been renewed from September of 2016.  Counselors Dr. Helen Miller and Walter McKenzie brought up the findings that Ms. Tebo was using Percoset, an opioid drug.  As such, they had concern about renewing her contract without an investigation regarding her drug use and whether the drug had actually been prescribed. This especially was true due to the apparent mood swings Ms. Tebo seems to have; rendering her to remain in a closed door office for most of the day, sending e-mails as any form of communication to the Town Staff.

Rhett Bullard interrupted Dr. Miller several times and appeared to be screaming at her, telling Dr. Miller that she could not discuss Stacy Tebo’s medical condition.  He stated it was private; however, Town Attorney Koberlein concurred with Dr. Miller that the statements made regarding her use of Percoset was a matter of public record.

Rhett Bullard then decided to quash this discussion and asked Attorney Koberlein whether he could prepare an extension to Stacy Tebo’s contract.  Attorney Koberlein said he could not do that and until the matter is decided with a new contract Ms. Tebo was an “at will” employee and he explained the term of “at-will employee” at the public meeting.

Not listening to Attorney Koberlein, Rhett Bullard then said, we will extend the contract for ninety (90) days and the remaining power of three made the motion and seconded it for a verbal three month extension which Attorney Koberlein corrected since an extension could not be made to the existing contract verbally or in writing.

Rhett Bullard stated a discussion of Ms. Tebo’s contract would take place at a special meeting in the near future.  He continually called the ninety days, an extension even though he had been corrected even by me that Ms. Tebo was an “at will” employee.

Thereafter, Rhett Bullard and the Town Manager, who admitted she disliked Dr. Miller under oath, decided to rid themselves of Dr. Miller by forfeiting her seat.  I was told that Rhett Bullard, Stacy Tebo and Finance Director/City Clerk Tomlinson went through various records for a period of two weeks to see what they could find against Dr. Miller.

In a subsequent meeting, Rhett Bullard had Stacy Tebo read various accusations made against Dr. Miller.  These Accusations initially involved some old items for which Dr. Miller had council approval when she was Mayor.   Rhett Bullard would not allow Dr. Miller a chance to respond, unlike what the Jasper News Printed.  Dr. Miller had not received a copy of the complaints which Ms. Tebo verbally read.

Within a week a new set of complaints showed up in the Jasper News/Suwannee Democrat.  Yet Dr. Miller had not initially seen the complaints nor had she been provided with the listing, except for what was printed in the newspaper.

See Addendum 5A “Town manager calls Miller ‘rogue council member’

See Addendum 5B White Springs Council votes to declare Miller seat forfeited…from the Jasper News.

From the Jasper News, the power of three managed to pull Tebo’s contract from the Agenda per Rhett Bullard’s request – Article from the Jasper News:


Discussion of Tebo’s contract pulled from agenda

WHITE SPRINGS — Town Manager Stacy Tebo’s contract was not discussed at the White Springs Town Council’s Oct. 10 meeting. Although it was on the agenda, Vice Mayor Tonja Brown made a motion to delete the discussion of the Town Manager’s Contract under old business, which was seconded by Council Member Willie Jefferson.The item was asked to be placed on the agenda by Council Member Dr. Helen Miller.


During discussion of removing the item, Council Member Walter McKenzie asked: “Isn’t this an opportunity to talk about it, so we can see if we want to renew it when the time comes?”Brown said since they gave her three months they had to wait until the three months are over to discuss the issues with the contract.  Miller and McKenzie both disagreed.


“Plus, if we go back to how that motion was made to stop the discussion, I believe that was made improperly,” Miller said. “I had the floor and I was making relevant comments, the town manager interrupted me over and over again, which she did not have the right to do. The Mayor did not exercise his duty to curtail the interruption.


“Finally, I think you made a improper motion, which the Mayor allowed for a vote.”Miller brought up that the motion would need a two-thirds majority vote, but only received 60 percent majority vote based on Robert’s Rules of Order.


McKenzie reiterated that the council reconsider voting against the motion because the contract needs to be discussed before the three months are over. The motion passed in a 3-2 vote deleting the discussion of the contract from the agenda.                             End of Article


Helen Miller hired Mark Herron of Tallahassee FL to represent her at her upcoming hearing to save her seat on the council.   Because of this, Rhett Bullard apprised the council that the Town had to pay for an attorney to defend Stacy Tebo.  Not only did Counselor Walter McKenzie object but Town Attorney Frederick L. Koberlein objected, citing that such a thing has never been done (i.e. paying for staff’s attorney to sue a councilor). It is outside of the Town’s insurance due to it being a willful and actually a malicious act.


Rhett Bullard, however, was determined and started her defense budget at $7,500.  He also said that Stacy could choose her own attorney from those she would be contacting.  The remaining power of three, Tonja Brown and Willie Jefferson made and seconded the motion respectively in spite of our Town Attorney’s objections.


  1. At the next meeting, Stacy Tebo advised that she had chosen an acquaintance of hers, Mr. Darren Elkind, esquire to assist her. Mr. Elkind had worked with her in Sanford and although he charged far more than our Town Attorney, Frederick Koberlein (who could and would not represent her), Mr. Elkind had litigation experience.


Thereafter, the council agreed for 30 days of advertising for a new town attorney office to represent them since the Koberlein Law Offices provided the Town with a 30 day notice of intent to terminate the agreement with the town on October 4th.


Walter McKenzie encouraged the council to do an exit interview with Koberlein’s office.  Rhett Bullard refused and said this happened because Koberlein is now the attorney for Live Oak whose meetings are on the same date.  Walter McKenzie, however, did call Frederick Koberlein to find that the termination was due to the manner in which White Springs handles its business.


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