Stacy will never find another good job because of what she has done in DeBary and subsequently here

I am beginning to realize that Stacy Tebo does not have any organizational abilities required of a manager or a clerk and she obviously cannot think outside of the box.  Either this is because of long term substance abuse or she has a lower than average IQ.   It is sad indeed because I believe she thinks she is doing such a great job when in actuality, she has done nothing but take White Springs down.   She has taken credit for grants others have secured or began and if she does not have the grant for the FRDAP, there will be no money this year.

I have never been in public service but as we in the Private Sector always say, those who seem to be slow and lazy types with no inherent logic, will never be able to work in the Private Sector but will be welcomed in the public sector and I believe that 100% in Ms. Tebo’s case.

Stacy came to White Springs because she needed a job and at that point she would take any job offered. There were a couple of warning signs to me initially showing she did not have the smarts to be a Manager.  (1) After Joe sent Stacy the budget information Shirley Heat provided from the workshop, Stacy did not have one question or response   (2) She didn’t know how to pay Hamilton County for the Jewett Street Project, which means her accounting and financial information which is important of a Manager is lacking considerably.   (3) At the introductory meet and great party at Town Hall, she virtually ignored everyone there rather than going from person to person introducing herself, like she was hiding something.

I realize she has to lie, because she is afraid she will be caught if the truth comes out.  She’s one lucky girl to have been treated so well in DeBary to have raises up to $70,000 when she obviously never earned that money.   After knowing what happened in her previous jobs, we know that she has never worked very hard at any of her jobs and that also includes White Springs.  The majority of what she does are personal items such as her lawsuits and writing information about everyone else in a diary.  She has never done anything for White Springs and these grants mean nothing because these grants are causing the financial constraints she obviously does not realize she needs to take credit for.  She loves to blame others for her own problems.

The sad part is that Ms. Tebo will not find a job in Florida and she may have difficulty finding a job in the public sector period. She needs to clean herself up and go to rehab.   Then she needs to take some general courses on how to apply for a job.  Her resume was not impressive.  The letter as I mentioned before did not say that she loves Lake City and what she can do to assist the City Manager in facilitating growth, etc.   She has no insight of what she needs to do and how to go about it.  That is why she allowed Rhett Bullard to tell her what to do and I’m sorry to say, Rhett is not so smart either so all this has done is put us in a real bind.  The only thing Stacy was smart enough to do is to only include Rhett Bullard as her reference from White Springs because had she included Tonja or Spencer it would be all over immediately.  Rhett knows how to lie well, but Stacy didn’t even say he was an attorney by profession.  And she further did not indicate what the Councilors in DeBary did for a living.  Just because someone elected you into office, does not make you a professional.  However Ms Tebo said these are “a sampling of professional people” (Because they were on the Council, I guess).

The way it appears at this point, is that White Springs does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of Stacy finding another job on her own.  She wasn’t even considered.  All that one had to do was read her submission and know that Ms. Tebo is not a leader.   She has no ideas, and can only possibly follow someone else’s orders.  God help White Springs if we have to retain this woman until October 2020 in spite of her breaching the contract holding her here.


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