Stacy Tebo, unfortunately, has ruined her reputation in her home area. Was it really worth it with an MPA?

I have no clue what Stacy has done or not done but we have heard from a number of anonymous people citing their jubilation that Debary won their Summary Judgment against Stacy.  One of her former employees said  (although the findings were not yet given,) everyone who heard was bouncing off the walls.  But now we find that someone from Orange City said that their Town Hall was ecstatic about DeBary’s results in court  and Stacy’s home is in Orange City.
I have to admit Joe had provided the judicial decision first and DeBary was first to respond.  Thereafter, I sent the information to some news sources; This is similar to what Stacy Tebo did to Helen Miller.
What we have heard since is of course is ecstatic responses.  There was fear that if she returned to that area,  there would again be a negative influence.  Co-workers were actually fearful of her and I understand that from what has happened in White Springs.  Everyone is still afraid of leaving their names.  So much of this came from our regular sources in e-mail form or phone calls.  I understand because her reputation had spread throughout Volusia County previously that it is the reason Orange City never hired her.
There is a big difference between Joe Griffin’s lawsuits and those of Stacy Tebo and the threats of Be  Faithful.  Joe Griffin’s lawsuits were all relating to the law and the violations of law by White Springs and the corruption thereof.  Yet Joe Griffin can make a complaint and tell the council, “you have the right to remedy it”, as he did to Lofton, but instead they erase tapes and fabricate information.
With Stacy Tebo and Be Faithful, they just threaten people over their belief that they are special and have not been given what they should have due to greed and  ability in disparaging others and for what point?  Money! Why should we support or anyone else support these types of actions?  This does not benefit anyone whereas Joe has been fighting for everyone’s rights.
Another difference of course is that all lawsuits of Joe were dismissed and he had to pay all court costs and attorney fees, or the Council dismissed every complaint made by him with ridicule.  I know these councilors are ignorant but they have had to known Joe is right.
With Be Faithful, the Town was ready to open their checkbooks with Rhett Bullard and Walter McKenzie in the lead.  By the way Walter, that assault you made on Joe by hitting him, it’s too bad that he did not know that Florida has a “Stand your ground” law because you would have hit the dirt.  So quit bragging.  You are just fortunate.
With Stacy Tebo the Town also has been ready to open its checkbook for attorneys to protect her.
It is unfortunate indeed that some people feel they have to threaten and demonize people just to save face or get money they do not deserve, in the first place.  In the case of Stacy Tebo, she has ruined her reputation and no one in the area in which her home is in will consider hiring her because of what she has done.  But I guess she found the right Corrupt town to work with here.
Karin for the blog

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