So happy Meagan Logan is our Attorney

I cannot sufficiently express how happy I am that we finally have a “real professional” attorney in our town to represent us.   Meagan Logan was our choice from the very beginning, even though most would have questioned why since she was the opposing attorney in our civil rights case against the Town.   She is a bright star who not only has the experience but the logic and intelligence to do what is right.  We have no had an attorney such as Ms. Logan and that has to be the best thing that has happened to White Springs.

I was unable to attend the August 8th meeting but Joe did.  He apparently asked a question of Stephanie Marchman and Ms. Marchman gave a quick response which was wrong, similar to the attorneys we have had in White Springs throughout the years.  An attorney does not have all the answers without referrals to law, but if they do not have the answer they can honestly state so and mention that they will find out.   Even Attorney Koberlein would give answers which were not valid, especially trying to stop Joe Griffin’s inquiries as to why the law was not being followed.   With Ms. Logan as our Attorney, that will stop.

In Fact since White Springs only budgeted $24,000, Ms. Logan said she would keep a monthly cap of $2,700 so that if some situation arose that would result in her working more than 12 hours at $225 an hour, to help keep the Town’s budget in line.   Ms. Logan also will not be on the clock in her drive from Lake City as Ms. Marchman would have to charge coming from Gainesville.   What some may not have picked up in Ms. Logan’s proposal is that the cost of copying, etc would be part of her hourly rate, which was not the case for other attorneys.

Again, this is the best thing that has happened to White Springs in decades. I am so happy the Council has placed Ms. Logan as our attorney with only one councilor opposing her.   It is time the councilman realizes that what his former mayor friend and attorney has told him, may not be the actual truth nor the actual law.  Those are the breaks Spencer and it is time the lying stopped.

Congratulations Ms. Logan for being the great attorney you are.  I know our attorney Gary Edinger who is known as one of the top Federal Litigators, spoke very highly of you and rightly so, in spite of our being on opposing sides. In fact Mr. Edinger won the case for a young lady who had to choose between her political views and working for the Third Judicial Circuit when Skip Jarvis was attorney.  Both Joe and I loved Skip and were saddened that he ultimately left his position.  He always treated us with respect.



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