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Ex-Clerk Loses Lawsuit Against DeBary

Stacy Tebo was a clerk employed by the City of DeBary.

Ms. Tebo was terminated from employment in the City of DeBary by City Manager Dan Parrott in April, 2015.  Ms. Tebo claimed that the city manager fostered a hostile work environment against women. In a letter of termination, City Manager Parrott alleged that Ms. Tebo violated eleven city policies. Mr. Parrott retired from city government.

On August 8,2018, the Honorable Gregory Presnell of the U.S. District Court for the middle district of Florida granted DeBary’s motion for judgment against Ms. Tebo. The court upheld the City Manager’s decision to terminate Ms. Tebo in 2015 and dismissed the allegations that the Manager created a hostile work environment.

Ms. Tebo now works in Hamilton County in Florida.

R. Van Conoley

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