Request for Ken Daniels to be at the August 27th Workshop

Tom Moore one of the more astute Councilors we are lucky to have caught on to Ken Daniels’ advice to White Springs which was stated in a manner that White Springs was to make the decisions.  Ken Daniels made that comment relative to the LOFT funds so I believed then and believe now that it was Daniels way of trying to get out of a bad situation he placed White Springs in.


Tom Moore indicated that he wished Ken Daniels to attend another meeting.  Apparently Daniel’s contract states he must make two presentations to the Town and to date, he has made only one, so he is still covered by contract until September 30, 2019.   I believe that it was requested that we extend Mr. Daniel’s contract but we may not do so and apparently Mr. Daniels has not re-applied to be the Town’s CPA.


It was determined that the August 27th Tuesday Workshop would be a good time in which to get the details so we could work toward an effective budget and consideration was made to start the meeting at 6:30 rather than 6:00 pm.


Relative to the Local option Fuel Tax (LOFT) funds for which we have continually removed the payables from the other areas of approval until a later portion of the meeting, our current Town Attorney Karen Hatton surprisingly wrote a very decent letter, in spite of the fact that she quoted the wrong law.  But that is nothing new for Ms. Hatton.  She tends to get a bit confused.  For instance when the Town went after Joe and the FBI would not take the case because the FBI knew the real circumstances after speaking to his commanding officer, Karen Hatton stated ” The Secret Service” wouldn’t take the case so “I did”.   Wow!   I know Rhett hired her, to try and go after us somehow for losing her State ASA position, but let’s face it, she is the one who could have been in a lot of trouble for coming after Joe through a collection agency for money he had actually paid to the Town twice for old court cases….and of course, without her checking the circumstances.  I don’t care if it was Townsend’s or Bullard’s idea, Hatton would have taken the hit had we decided to do something, but we felt sorry for her because she is not going to have it easy in her own practice.
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