Recap for the Community Center

The building will be 40′  x 80′ and although the square footage would be 3,200 square feet, we are told it will be 4,000 square feet.   Both the se and SW areas have been rejected.  Instead it has been decided to tear down the carver school building where the area will be large enough to accommodate parking and the community Center.


The next thing to do will be site work and to get permits.  Completion must be done 24 months from the signed agreement but we were 4 months into the agreement when everything commenced in April.  We have until December of  2020 to get the building done.   also we will need to pursue funding for the additional $50-100,000 required to make the building hurricane proof.


Again, why couldn’t other options have been considered other than the same ole same ole.  In fact although there will be two bathrooms and an air conditioner, if the power goes out, there will be no generator….and no one mentioned heating.   Without a generator, if another poconip ice fog happens as it did before, the community center probably will never be opened to the public and furthermore, even if it was, it will not shelter people from the freezing cold unless someone brings space heaters.


After all, Nikki Williams and her committee may not use the concession building at the ball park even though her committee should be responsible.  We were told we have to secure Ken Daniel’s opinion and our attorney’s opinion as to our town running concessions, which is a joke.  We should be able to and we buy items from the store as retail so I can’t believe someone would have told us that it is a tax problem.  And even if sales tax has to be added, it is a simple thing because I did it with my artwork.  Is Town Hall too lazy to do the paperwork? 


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