Ransomware discussed and more overtime hours for the Police

Since The Town of White Springs’ Computers have been hacked and attacked as well as personal computers of Mayor Miller and Councilman Moore, quotes are being reviewed from DC3 and Security Compliance Associates of $2,155 and $10,000 respectively.  Tom Moore indicated that Homeland Security would come in for free because the Citizens and the Town have been hit twice.

There needs to be site information for the hearing and sight repair which can be reviewed.   There are no standard court cases at present to based upon what can be done.   In light of the recent Ransom of Lake City’s computers, Mayor Miller gave information about the Computer Ransomware Conference she attended.  She stated that Employees no longer should pull up games.  There should be no computer use for personal business or enjoyments.  Employees should not have access if they do not need to use the computer.

The Police Department’s overtime has increased from 30 hours to 50 hours of overtime for hurricanes and the like.     When Hurricane Irma came about, it was the Fire Department, all volunteering, who handled things in White Springs from cutting trees, moving items, etc, all as volunteers and for free.  However, we lost those Great Firefighters and the best Fire Chief in Pittman we ever had so now we have to make certain we pay the big bucks when our former firefighter really deserved the big bucks and didn’t receive anything except grief from Ms. Tebo and Rhett Bullard.

Fire Department Salaries remain the same but if you will recall, on her own, Ms. Tebo is paying people to be at the Fire Station on weekends.  Then she limited the money to our former firefighters who actually worked because they loved White Springs and were dedicated firefighters.

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