Proposed Charter Change Highlights at the conclusion of the Charter Review Board

Tracy Woodard has led the Charter Review Board and she and her board who were introduced at the August 14th meeting have concluded their review.

Mrs. Woodard said there were many changes but that she would provide the “High points “which are as follows.  Any and all such changes will be brought forth to the public to vote on.

  •  Instead of electing individuals every two years, the proposed changes would provide for a four year term beginning with the years 2019 and 2020.
  • such candidates shall go head to head for specific council seats rather than the council choosing their mayor and vice mayor.  Such candidates shall determine which seat they are running for.
  • The Robert’s Rules of Order will not be scrapped so there is some order in Council meetings….
  • The section of Municipal Boarders shall be eliminated so that the Town may increase its city limits without a vote from the public
  • The Deputy Clerk position must again be filled (City Clerk Position which currently Pam Tomlinson carries along with her Finance Director position)
  • Gender neutral language. will be stipulated throughout the Charter rather than using just male gender terms.

Mrs. Woodard thanked her staff which were extremely helpful in fulfilling their review.



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