Possible Code Enforcement Agreement between the Towns of Hamilton County

Stacy Tebo only has Shonda Werts working eight hours a month on code enforcement and Ms. Werts has only attended the first of three training programs.  Ms Tebo feels Ms. Werts is doing fine only with the one training class and does not wish to lose her so Ms. Werts has been attending the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners Meetings in the hopes of possibly landing a job as code enforcement for Jasper, Jennings and White Springs.  Louie Goodin is in favor of the code enforcement sharing and special magistrate program and has expressed an interest in consolidating code enforcement so everyone is on the same page with respects to the rights and duties of each entity, Jasper, Jennings and White Springs.   This in no means would change our regulations, it would just be the sharing of procedures relating to code enforcement and a special magistrate who would hear the cases.



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