Perplexing: Keep one $3000 check return the other; or keep them both and hang out a couple of councilors

As you have read in the Jasper News, White Springs Town Manager Stacy Tebo has already started the process for giving the $3,000 to Coker and does not plan to stop the check.  Normally I would say that the Town is probably fearful that Coker will sue the Town as well; but you and I know that Coker is a friend of Mayor Lofty.  As such, she would never harm the Town because not only the friendship but because he is the mayor.  Anyway they need to hang their hat on ousting Miller again.
Now the fact that Dr. Calder the Donor, has also sent a check for $3,000 to “It’s all about my efforts” means that Befaithful Coker will receive two checks for the same services for which he has exhorted the Town, Miller, and now wishes to charge Walter McKenzie through the Attorney General’s office.  With what the Town did with the Local Option Fuel Tax money, the Attorney General may ask the State to come in at this point.
Nevertheless, let’s get back to Coker.  Will she return one of the checks back?  And which one will she return?  Will it be Dr. Calder’s check or will it be the Town’s check.
Perhaps Ms. Ethical Coker may decide to keep both and state that she had additional expenses and had to wait too long for the money.  Being that Ms. Coker assisted the Town in the set-up of not only Miller but McKenzie, the Town or rather the Gang of Three and Tebo, would never take her to court.  She is their hero.
So, even though Dr. Calder does not ever  wish for BeFaithful to ever contact him again for a donation, it would have to be Dr. Calder who would have to take BeFaithful to court if both checks were cashed.  And probably he would let it go because she has been disrespectful as well as ungrateful.  I however, do not know..
Normally if a person receives two checks for the same service, they should contact one or both parties and return one of the checks.
If Befaithful argues for reasons only known to her that she was entitled to the money and refuses to pay the money back to one of the sources, then one of the sources must sue her for the return of the money, alleging she had no entitlement to two checks; she was unjustifiably enriched.
Ethically speaking, her obligation would be to report to the Town that she is returning the money which the Town Paid.
Our courts have also over time decided that a person who receives money to which he or she is not entitled and deposits it in to his or her account, is guilty of theft
We’ll see if Befaithful keeps both $3,000 checks or if she has any ethical behavior whatsoever.  It’s really perplexing because if she keeps the Calder Check, and returns the Town’s check, there would be no reason to go after Miller or Calder which the Town’s Gang of Three want to happen because of their deep hate of Miller .  The Town needs Befaithful to retain the Town’s check for $3,000 so they can have a case against Miller.
Let me know how you think this will turn out.  I place bets she keeps both because even her budget for 14 children was highway robbery.
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