Part II the emails between Coker and Miller and a public records request to Tebo -Can’t believe the audacity of this woman when Dr. Calder also could only request the amount from JP Morgan who was required toresearch the donee. Rhett asked why Helen did not request it through White Springs but the donee is not White Springs

Bea Coker’s email to Helen Miller Dated May 22.2018 at 4 :58 PM revising the budget to include costs not originally requested for the White Springs Children.  It would appear we were paying for the Lake City Children as well and there should have been funds from some one in Lake City as well. This and the budget below was sent to her friend Spencer Lofton on July 12, 2016 at 1:09 pm.  I feel this was a Lofton Setup and her e-mails to him are proof, in my opinion.

Helen, Recall the original request projected 50 scholarships for White Springs per your discussions with Nikki and Nita.  The number added to a projected 50 from Lake City and Live Oak projected enrollment at 100 students.  The Final Walk Through from Code Enforcement and the Fire Department reduced our space limit to 100 total including adults.  After communicating, the update to you and Nikki, there were no changes made to the White Springs enrollment until last week, dedicating much work in White Springs coordinating additional resources.
Enrollment of 100 students projected a cost per student of $241.45.  Enrollment of 50 students projects a cost per student of $452.60 for each session.  Listing the projection of 50 students, 14 Students from White Springs may receive scholarships with a $25 registration fee.  The remaining balance beyond the “The Revised Budget” provides scholarships for 14 students for both Sessions 1 and 2.  The $25 registration fee wold cover the balance if all households are able and any deficit would be waived.
Some of the costs are projections and might be decreased or increased dependent upon factors which cannot be determined at this time.  In the event of a deficit, the organization would cover the costs.  In the event of a surplus, the funds would remain available for year round scholarships open to residents of White Springs.  In either event, we will gladly provide a Program Report at the conclusion of the Summer Program to include measurable aand accounting for the donation.
Presently, this is all we can extend.  The Organization has no desire or resources to hire employees specific to a particular audience for this program and have received very good volunteer support of experienced individuals who are willing to receive reimbursement, mileage, and meal stipends to offset any personal burden.
Hopefully your commitment to the summer program was ot predicated on these issues in which we extend an amicable resolution.  We can assure you, the Students in White Springs will greatly benefit from the exposure and talent offered in program participation.  The documented results will be produced in a Program Report you can provide to your donor evidencing the progress and regards.


Please note that BeFaithful has not paid her portion of the  $5,000 Deposit nor has she paid her rent since December.  The owner and co-lessee met with Helen Miller before the Special Meeting to apprise her of their dire circumstances.  The co-lessee and the owner did not have the funds for a good attorney but after what White Springs went through with BeFaithful, they now have the money for the attorney who will assist them in evicting BeFaithful’s organization from the Melting Pot.  Be Faithful’s portion of the rent is $1,600 per month.  Please also note that in her budget, she is not only charging for each session $1,600 but monthly utilities, Insurance, Internet, computers cleaning, Printing, Paper and Ink.  What Kind of 501c3 is this?  It certainly looks like a scam to me, especially since she has been rent free and won’t leave even after the initial eviction notice.  She is trying to be a squatter, but she definitely is an EXTORTIONIST.  Furthermore Helen never made a contract with expressing the wishes of her donor on May 21st.  However, BeFaithful did make a contract and she defaulted on that contract not providing any information other than this budget as to whether there were 14 White Springs Children; whether they attended both sessions, etc.  Anyway here is her budget. – KARIN FOR THE BLOG


Connections Summer Camp

ADMINISTRATION                                                                   Session No. 1                                                                       Session No. 2
                                                                                                               June 4 to June 29                                                           July 9th to Aug 3
Building…………………………………………………………….       $   1,600                                                                                   $  1,600
Utilities——————————–      $   1.,000                                                                                  $  1,000
Insurance     —————————-     $         550                                                                                 $      550
Internet       —————————–       $         295                                                                                  $      295
Computers —————————-        $         300                                                                                  $       300
Cleaning  ——————————        $          200                                                                                 $        200
Printing   ——————————           $          200                                                                                 $       200
Paper ———————————-         $         100                                                                                   $        100
Ink   ————————————          $           75                                                                                   $           75
                                                                                                    TOTAL    $ 4.420.00                                                                            $ 4,420.00


Background Checks ————————     $        300                                                                                   $         300
Executive Director Bea Coker  —————-     $    1,900                                                                                  $        1,900
Receptionist  ——————————–    $        500                                                                                  $           500
Taxes  ————————————–      $        375                                                                                   $           375
Volunteer Fuel Stipends   ———————       $    1,000                                                                                    $      1,000
Volunteer Meal Stipends ———————        $    1,000                                                                                    $       1,000
                                                                                                          TOTAL       $ 5,075.00                                                                               $  5,075.00


Marketing————————————      $  1 ,000                                                                                       $   1,000
Tshirts  —————————————     $  1,000                                                                                         $   1,000
Supplies   ————————————-      $  1,500                                                                                         $   1,500
Movies  —————————————       $      500                                                                                        $      500
Bowling        ————————————       $      500                                                                                        $      500
Skating         ————————————       $      500                                                                                        $      500
Swimming  ————————————       $      500                                                                                        $      500
Library           ————————————       $      150                                                                                          $      150
Field Trip No. 1  ———————————        $ 2,000                                                                                          $ 2,000
Field Trip No. 2 ———————————        $ 2,000                                                                                          $ 2,000
Vehicle    ————————————–        $ 1,000                                                                                           $ 1,,000
Fuel——————————————-        $     500                                                                                          $      500
Banquet  ————————————–         $ 1,000                                                                                           $  1,000
Back to School Supplies to Participants ———–      $  2,500                                                                                         $   2,500
                                                                                                                  TOTAL       $14,650.00                                                                                 $14,650.00

                     GRAND TOTAL                   $24.145.00                                $ 24,145.00

Up to 50 participants——————    $      482.90                                $       482.90

Up to 100 participants —————-     $      241.45                                $       241.45


14 WS Participants  ——————–   $   6,760.60                                $   6.760.60   

14 WS Participants 2 Sessions ———                             $ 13,521.20



Email From Helen Miller to Bea Coker May 30, 2018 9:17 AM  Re: Revised Budget (Enrollment decrease)

Bea, Our goal remains providing access/removing any obstacles to your summer program, for children who live in White Springs.  This is my personal goal as well as the goal of the donor.  In addition, we did discuss internships for a limited number of teenagers from White Springs and an adult mentor/coordinator from White Springs who would be compensated, not as an employee but as a contractor.  Since these more specific items are not documented in a proposal or contact, I leave them to your discretion.  I look forward to meaningful summer experiences for the children in White Springs, and to your Program Report, which will be reviewed to determine future support and donations.
Once the summer program is underway, please keep me posted.  I look forward to participating in some way, perhaps as a volunteer for a session on a specific topic of interest, as we discussed previously.
All the best for a very successful summer program.
Helen Miller


Bea Coker’s email to Helen Miller on 6/1/2018 at 10:17 PM

On May 22, I sent the revised budget when it became apparent Nita and Nikki would not be achieving the original target participant numbers.  I explained in great detail how the reduced enrollment increased the per student costs, making enrollment at 14 each session or a total of 28 slots.
See the email below that was sent along with the budget.  The short answer is we take the total cost of the program and divide it by the number of participants.  At 100 students the cost was $241; at 50 students the cost is $482.  The next Budget we prepare will be the actual, to be included in the report at the end of Session 1.
Sorry you will not be joining the trip.  We received good participation from officials and we are pleased the students will create meaningful interaction with the officials.
Enjoy your family


Helen Miller’s response on June 2, 2018 1:57 PM to Bea Coker
Thank you for sending the expense forecasts.  Would you also provide information on your donations for the Summer program?  I am receiving phone calls from Parents in the community and would appreciate more information so that I can provide more accurate responses.


June 2, 2018  3:12 PM  Re: Revised Budget  Befaithful coker’s e-mail to Helen Miller:

For White Springs HB is the only donor.  As you were told, the parents would pay a $25 registration fee.  This fee, in part covers the difference between the total cost of the program and the grant.  However, in this instance, because no grant funds have been received, it also covers a very minimal amount of the intial program costs, specifically transportation and supplies for the first week.  Every contact Nita and Nikki provided was a dead end without advance preparation.  I hope you can understand we have no control of or leverage to minimize that expense.
This is a new territory for the organization and my board has relied 100% on my communication to them.  I have been unable to advise them about the funding from HB, transportation, or how much costs we will actually be absorbing

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 10: 24 PM  Befaithful Coker’s letter to Helen Miller – THE EXTORTION LETTER:

Given your refusal to respond to our voicemails, emails, or your commitment, tonight’s ordeal being cursed by the very woman you wanted me to pay $6,000, it is clear that the necessary course of action is to address the lack of integrity in the negotiations we have had up to now.You are reminded that Jasper News was copied by you, on your email advising that the program funding was authorized.  This is our final demand for payment, which if not received in two weeks from today will be followed by the actions below:   
  1.  A letter to Mr,. Calder explaining your failed attempts to involve “It’s About My Efforts, Inc.” in both a transfer of donation from the City of White Springs and a transfer of funds to Nita Rivers and other households under the guise of affiliation with our  organization.
  2. Ethics complaints will be filed to address these issues as we believe your actions are consistent with your prior issue involving abuse of your political office.
  3. A Civil lawsuit naming you, Howard B. Calder as representative of the Calder Foundation and Nita Rivers.
  4. A letter to the Courts, a specifically Judge Scaff’s advising about the John White case and the coerced assistance I provided to you.
  5. A Complaint to both the Attorney General and the State’s Attorney regarding the items in 1, 2 and 4 above.
  6. The matter will be placed on the record at the City council meeting with notice to news media along with supporting documentation.
Just know, only gangsters place people on standby to verbally assault others in the presence of children.  It was yet another demonstration of your affiliates in White Springs and no, verbal assault with curse words in the presence of children do not constitute a “personality difference”.
On a personal note, you have utterly disappointed me with your action and have demonstrated manipulation that I absolutely will not overlook.  You ran over to the library daily, taking time and resources away from my family and when your integrity is needed, it is no where to be found.  The Constitution is not a tool of convenience to be manipulated at your whim if you are going to uphold it, do so all the time.
Two weeks begins today; live by the same standard you hold up to others.



Befaithful Coker’s July 22, 2018 Public Records Request to Stacy Tebo

Attach Miller-Town Manager comment


Mrs. Tebo:
Pursuant to Article 1, Section 24 of the Florida Constitution and Chapter 119.07 of the Florida Statutes, I wish to make a public records request of your agency; each request is separate and distinct, only consolidated for relevant subject matter.  The following requests are being made:
  1.  Attached is a copy of a letter sent to me by Helen Miller, which asks for review and approval that was not provided and subsequently did not authorize this letter to be sent nor did we agree to accept the donation of equipmment.  Please provide a copy of this letter, if in fact it was delivered to the City of White Springs despite not providing authorization to Mrs. Miller to do so.
  2. In the event that the item listed in line 1 above was not received by the City of White Springs, provide a copy of any subsequent letter or request from Mrs. Miller to the Mr. Calder to rescind the letter or have the letter removed from any agenda of placement.
  3. Provide a copy of any request of Mrs. Miller to place the item on an agenda.
  4. Provide a copy of the agenda for the meeting held on or about May 8, 2018.
  5. Provide a copy of the subsequent agenda wherein the letter to rescind the unauthorized letter was provided.
If you contend that any of the records I am seeking, or any portion thereof, are exempt from inspection or disclosure, please cite the specific exemption as required by %119.07 (1) (e) of the Florida Statutes and state in writing and with particularly the basis for your conclusions as required by %119.07 (1) (f) of the Florida Statutes.
Please take note of %119.07 (c) Florida Statutes and your affirmative obligation to (1) promptly acknowledge receipt of this public records request and (2) make a good faith effort which “includes making reasonable efforts to determine from other officers or employees within the agency whether such a record exists and if so, the location at which the record can be accessed.  I am therefore requesting that you notify ever individual in possession of records that may be responsible to this public records request to preserve all such records on an immediate basis.  If the public records being sought are maintained by your agency in an electronic format, please produce the records in the original electronic format in which they were created or received.  See % 119.01 (2) (f) Florida Statutes.
If you anticipate the production of these public records to exceed $1.00 please notify me in advance of their production with a written estimate of the total cost.  Please be sure to itemize any estimates so as to indicate the total number of pages and/or records, as well as to distinguish the cost of labor and materials.
All responses to this public records request shold be made in writing to the following email address.
Mrs. Tebo.
Thank your response.  Please confirm that you received this email with three attachments.
Thank you.
Bea Coker


Neither Dr. Miller nor Dr. Calder are responsible for the amount given Befaithful. It an IRS law councilors and it’s time you followed some law.



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