Our Illustrious Town Manager doesn’t give a rip about the safety of the Public

A Loyal reader reported an incident which transpired over 24 hours ago, and nothing has been done by the town to rectify the situation.  Surprise, surprise, why would Stacy Tebo do anything even if the situation was a danger to a member of the public?

Yesterday as a vehicle neared the Ferrin Filya residence on 41, the tire blew out, causing the lady driver to lose control of her vehicle. As a result, the vehicle hit one of our new light standards, which is now sitting across the  Filya’ fence.   Everyone was notified but the only assistance given was by the police department which taped the area with yellow tape, indicating no one should cross the area.  Was the Florida Department of Transportation called?  Obviously not! Was Duke Energy called….especially when there are live wires under the standard where it fell?  I don’t think so.  Why on earth can’t our Town manager call Duke Energy, give them the information so any invoice will be given to the lady  driver who is liable for this situation?   No one can believe this and Filya has enough photos to send to everyone in the event there is bodily injury or death…as well as the property damage to his fence.

If I massacred Mr. Filya’s name, I apologize.  He is the owner of Banks of the Suwannee Check Cashing in White Springs FL


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