No Transfers from the Enterprise Account; Raises to all; Veteran’s Park Lighting

The Mayor has indicated there should be no Interfund Transfers of the enterprise fund into the general fund. Stacy Tebo indicated there have been varying amounts $195,000; $110,000; $59,000; $56,000; $48,000 and $65,000.   She indicated that Harry Davis is still a contract employee and works only part-time with no retirement benefits. Ray Vaughn is the other employee relating to the enterprise account and Yvonne runs support for the enterprise account.  It was a question as to how to determine coming up with the amount or percentage out of the enterprise account to pay for support through the general fund.   My belief is still a time sheet as to the length of time each takes in one department as compared to another department…but of course that would be too much work for those who work at our Town Hall like Pam Tomlinson and Stacy Tebo. a Pump was needed at the sewer Plant and the town is working off a list rural water gave them as needing repairs.

Stacy Tebo built in a three percent rate increase for employees and provided the roll back rate for ad valorem taxes generating revenues of $73,000.   Ms Tebo explained that although we received LOFT revenue of $210,738 in the last year, the new amount for the next fiscal year is estimated at $192,228.   Our town has added 13 more people increasing the total number of residents to 825 with respect to our state revenue sharing.

The amounts Police Chief Rodriquenz provided for repairs and maintenance was considered high and Ms. Tebo feels it will be reduced. The Amount for Special Events remained and the Recreation budget was reduced.  Park lighting to be done in September.  $3,000 budget was approved for Lighting in the Veterans Park and they are trying to determine if the lighting will be pulled from the building which is 28-30 feet away or if it can be taken from a light pole close by.   Tom Moore to secure the estimate from Donny Skipper.  It seems to me Ray Vaughn could did the ditch for the wiring.  Kenny dug our ditch to the pole barn for lighting Jim Smith put in. That way the cost wouldn’t be too great…that is if he knows how to handle the equipment we have purchased.

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