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Trump Warns Google: Search Bias Will Not Be Ignored

President Trump issued a warning to Google on Tuesday, telling the search giant that political bias was affecting their news results and that he would address the findings. Though Trump did not go into detail as to how and when his administration would take action on the

Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Admits His Client Knows Nothing About Russians

Only a few short days ago, Michael Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis, a longtime Clinton operative and lawyer, was all over the press telling them exactly what they wanted to hear: His client was flipping hard on President Trump, he was going to spill all the beans in the basket, and…

Posted On27 Aug 2018

Gender Games: DNC Amends Charter to Make Room For Trans…Everything

It’s getting really complicated for quota fiends who want to make sure they have “equal representation” on their boards, committees, and leadership squads. It used to be you could just do what the Democratic National Committee has done; put it in your bylaws that every committee…

Posted On26 Aug 2018

Trump Campaign Criticizes ESPN For Not Showing National Anthem

The Trump Make America Great Again Committee sent out an email to supporters this week calling on them to sign a petition to get ESPN to go back on their decision not to air the national anthem during their NFL Monday Night Football telecasts this season. ESPN did not show the…

Posted On23 Aug 2018

If Ocasio-Cortez Gets Her Way, More Coffee Shops Will Close

Here’s some wisdom for any Democrats who care about saving their party: You need to run as fast as you can away from your new, darling star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This woman is the personification of ignorance, her position on politics is based on nothing more substantial than…

Posted On22 Aug 2018

Progressive Activist Beaten by Antifa for the Sin of Carrying American Flag

There’s a disturbing story in The Oregonian this week – a feature about a guy named Paul Welch, a progressive activist who showed up to a Portland rally on August 4th to wave the American flag, protest against fascism, and…get beat down by the masked, black-clad leftist group…

Posted On21 Aug 2018

Black Support for Trump is Soaring. Democrats Should Be Very Afraid.

At one point during the 2016 election, Donald Trump made a bold prediction: That by the time he ran for re-election in 2020, he would not only win a larger share of the black vote than any modern-day Republican but he would actually WIN the black vote, period. Most of his critics…

Posted On20 Aug 2018

Leftists and the Media Are Trying to Rig the Manafort Trial Outcome

For no good reason whatsoever, the following news outlets have petitioned the court to release the names of the jurors serving on the Paul Manafort trial: The Washington Post, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC, the Associated Press, and Politico. Why is it that these outlets…

Posted On19 Aug 2018

Today’s Democrats: New York Gov. Cuomo Says America “Was Never That Great”

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in it so badly on Wednesday that he wound up attacked by not only conservatives but from his far-left primary opponent, former Sex and the City actress Cynthia Nixon. A good rule of thumb is that when you’re being attacked by the right and…

Posted On16 Aug 2018

The Stock Market Just Reacted To Trump’s New Trade Deal With Mexico, And Wow

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The Stock Market Just Reacted To Trump’s New Trade Deal With Mexico, And Wow

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Trump Comes Down Hard On Palestine After Their Constant Threats Against Israel

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VERIFIED REPORT: ‘Google News’ Results Show Anti-Trump Sources 96% Of The Time

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SAD! John McCain Takes Thinly Veiled SHOTS At Trump From Beyond The Grave In Farewell Message

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