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[BREAKING]: Nancy Pelosi LEAVING… She’s Finally Out

It’s about time. Goodbye!

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Epstein ‘Suicide’ Bombshell – I KNEW It…

Mike Pence LEAVING Announcement… It’s Official

Lara Trump TRAGEDY – Fans Are Devastated

Nancy Pelosi Is RUINED… This Ends It For Her

Under ARREST – Clinton Family Devastated…

22 Dead… Nation Shocked, Millions Are Mourning

White House Disaster… ACTIVE SHOOTING… Please Pray

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Border Patrol Chief: 330 Miles of New Wall by End of 2020

Ben Carson News
More than 330 miles of new border wall will be in place by the end of 2020, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost said Monday, noting that repairs to the wall in the San Diego area bring the current total to “57 miles that we have put in.”

An additional 47 miles is under contract, Provost told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

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Provost explained the wall makes it “really, really difficult for the bad actors that are coming across the border” and insisted work on the wall makes it safer for the men and women in the Border Patrol to do their jobs, who she said “have been assaulted over 600 times this year, which is just unacceptable.”

Meanwhile, the morale of the patrol agents is still a concern, Provost said, and explained she had discussed that with them, telling them Americans understand the importance of their work.

“I will tell you they are a resilient group,” she said. “It’s impressive to see when you consider all of the challenges they are up against . . . We need Congress to do something if we are really going to deal with the immigration problem.”

This spring, President Donald Trump told supporters that 500 miles of the wall would be built by the 2020 election.

The Real Ronald Reagan Revealed in This Movie

BREAKING: Epstein Prison Guards Confess [Developing]

I KNEW it.

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Bill Barr REVERSAL Decision… White House Shocked

Epstein Shock – Guard REFUSES To Talk…

He’s Been Arrested – Ocasio-Cortez Blindsided

Trump Just REPLACED Her – DC In Shock

Epstein Names Democrats – Sex Scandal Explodes…

Trump Makes His Move… Media Freaking Out

Epstein “Suicide” EXPOSED – New Evidence Found…

BREAKING: Trump Confirms AIRSTRIKE Order…

Please pray for our country.

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BREAKING: Bill And Hillary Call It Quits… SHOCK Announcement

They’re finished.

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BREAKING: Epstein “Suicide” EXPOSED – New Evidence Found…


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BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Goes OFF – SHOCKS Viewers

She freaked out.

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