My understanding of the Mayor and Last night’s fiasco

From the Manner in which Spencer Lofton speaks, especially about himself, one can tell he is not a man who anyone can explain or suggest anything to him.  He is a man who feels he knows it all, and one better not reign on his parade or they will have Bullard to deal with.

He who has never really been a business person and who fashions his life as a military man, truly does not know what he is talking about and that is evident.  Yesterday he felt that if he placed together a power point of the businesses we have in White Springs, he would wow the audience into his plan.  Yet more than one individual Black and White could read through some of the BS.

I can tell you what would work in White Springs, but it would mean an entire re-vitalization from who our elected officials are to cleaning up the town and our reputation.  I have worked and trained salespeople all of my life; Joe and I were both salespersons/ closers and if that is what Lofton thought he was doing he was dead wrong.  I appreciate people who make attempts to better White Springs but going through the motions he did does not cut it;  Plus the fact that he loves himself so much and feels he has nothing to learn because he knows it all, doesn’t cut the mustard.

He said he is here to help and I gave him a complaint that had nothing to do with town business, similar to Tom Brazil’s problem, except overhead but he did nothing.  Now large branches which fell with a boom landed on the Town’s sidewalk and damaged that somewhat…,.but of course Lofton tells us he cannot meet with us because we are trying to sue him.  The fact is it was because Joe wished to record the meeting and since Lofton speaks on both sides of his mouth, he did not dare to have the meeting.  So if he will not do anything with the tree, and my vehicle gets smashed again, we will take it to the courts.  I am so sick and tired of the manner in which both he and Bullard lie to everyone and then there is poor “Mindless” who just says “Yes” and agrees because she has no idea what anyone is doing.

As Joe has mentioned, we should probably let them run the Town into the ground.  Then the State can take over and the Governor can appoint some actual leaders instead of liars since obviously the voters can’t figure out that “color” and “nepotism” has nothing to do with intelligence and doing right for the people.

This entire thing in my mind was a circus and a power point on who is in business and who is closed does not do it for me.  Lofton “Has a Dream” to make certain White Springs is ruined and with our reputation and additional taxes and fees, who wishes to move here with the exception of “billionaires” which he was speaking of…and they didn’t get there with Pie-in-the sky ideas.

In my opinion, this is a save Johnny Bullard situation, to make him look good on the school board, not the Town, and that places Rhett Bullard in a more innocent position per see than being Mayor when he can tell Lofton what to do and Lofton Stands before us being a “clown”,  First your children have to be bused to Jasper because Johnny Bullard and the board never maintained South Hamilton Elementary School; Now you wish to buy or lease the skeletal remains.  good going Lofty!  Good Ploy Rhett!


Karin for the blog.

  And this is all to make the “Cousin” Johnny look good on the Board!  God help White Springs!  We do not have the money to support this fiasco.

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