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Let’s see:  Per the personnel manual, an employee receives eight (8) hours per calendar month, effective upon employment.  Since employees work an eight (8) hour day, that gives  Ray Vaughn 9 days of vacation unless the Town decided on their own to give him more days. That is if he started the day of his October 16, 2017 application, but I think that might not be the case.  All employees have a six month probationary period before leave may be taken. Sick leave may not be used for 90 days.   Each leave may not exceed 30 days a year.

If Vaughn took sick leave he gets an eight additional hours per calendar month.  However, remember  the initial month he gets 1/4 of the accrual for 40 hours of work or two hours per week.

I agree with Joe that it is great that Andrew can handle a backhoe especially when this problem was actually an Enterprise Account problem.  If that was Andrew there were multiple people there to assist him if he did something wrong.  It would be nice if Andrew worked more than two hours a day for Sewer and Water.  But it is nice to hear that all those years of watching Kenny work paid off in his education.

Insofar as the e-mail  address “Smarter than You White Springs”, I will say it doesn’t take much, especially if you are talking about everyone on the council except Helen Miller.

It is like the Councilors except Miller have all gone nuts of late; all of a sudden trying to fix roadways when that wasn’t one of their priorities; trying to get the S.H.E.building; buying an excavator to show that they are using local option fuel tax funds, even though technically this pipe break is part of the enterprise account repair and not a transportation infrastructure repair like potholes, etc; and is it  a new toy for Vaughn? Buying the excavator to fix street and roads but if it works on the enterprise account difficulties, that is not transportation so buying the Excavator doesn’t make sense.

Remember what I said about the Windsor Oak.  Kenny pulled the thing out and lifted it and turned it upside down into the ground.  John Peeler’s mini excavator could not do the job and almost fell topside before we hired Kenny. So really I guess perhaps you may be working overtime, councilors and Stacy Tebo because of your great concern that Lofty’s Ethics Complaint came back and it was the last one sent; whereas many of the ethics complaints the commission is reviewing are from 3-7 months old.  I guess I would worry too, even though you stick to you erroneous stories at council meetings.  If your ethic complaints would not be valid, you would have heard a long time ago, so lots of luck.  And Rhett, you know that my complaint against you and Stacy was some 25 pages which included articles to verify what you have done as well as Stacy’s deposition in the Anita River’s case..  Wow, I would be worried; no wonder you are on drugs.



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