More Excuses so Stith doesn’t have to pass the Smell Test

There seems to be something wrong with the Smell test.   We know that our Town Manager, Ms. Tebo has been protecting not only Assistant Chief Andrew Greene but Chief Steve Stith and his merry firefighters who have no intention of fighting fires in White Springs without the big bucks, but it looks good on paper.
For the last three months, Walter McKenzie has been attempting to find out how far in minutes would it take for each firefighter on the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department to respond, and Ms. Tebo has continually come up with excuses (Mr. Stith is in the hospital; he’s sick, He had to go to training in Jasper, etc.).  Is it because Rhett Bullard has the goods on Ms. Tebo which would render her jobless, even in White Springs?  And is it because both Andrew and Steve know what Ms. Tebo has been up to as well and know bribery will get you everything.   Or will it?


In Tuesday night’s meeting, Councilman Walter McKenzie, again asked Ms. Tebo for information relating to the firefighters.  Ms. Tebo made excuses.  The first excuse was that one of his Century Ambulance employees was taken ill and the second in my opinion was sad to use:


On the evening of August 6, 2019, Fire Chief/Public Safety Director James E. Sommers was returning home on his motorcycle from a Suwannee County Commission Meeting, where he was representing the Suwannee Fire Rescue Department, when he was struck by a vehicle.  Sommers was immediately transported to the Lake City Medical Center where he died from the injuries he sustained in the accident.”


Ms. Tebo stated that Steve Stith had to attend the funeral to which Walter McKenzie indicated, he also had attended the funeral and that he still expects an answer prior to the next meeting.  Mr. McKenzie indicated Chief Stith had been given sufficient time to provide the answers of his firefighters.   This is the first time I have ever seen frustration in Councilman McKenzie’s voice, so apparently this is getting to him as well.


We will have to see what happens.  Yet, in my mind, the only way to finally make White Springs a less corrupt governed town to live in would be to terminate Stacy Tebo’s Employment.


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