Lost the Inmate Crew in not even a month; need 17 Street signs which have never been up

After Two years, we were pleased to hear at the July Council Meeting that we again had an inmate crew after two years of allowing the grass on the berms to grow, especially if the citizens did not cut it, on Highway 41 and elsewhere while Kenny Hutcherson was unable to perform his job.

At the August 14th meeting, we find that WE HAVE LOST OUR INMATE CREW.   On Julty 9th, two FDOT crews (not ours) were taken off duty and placed back in prison.  As a result Officer Wilson was reassigned to the Department of Transportation.  Since the restructuring Officer Brickette (sp) is working on finding us another officer and crew per Ms. Tebo.

Ray Vaughn also met with the postmaster who stated that street signs are needed in seventeen places where no street signs have ever been placed.  So we will have to purchase 17 street signs to make it easier for deliveries on these streets..


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