Lofton and Tonja and their friend Arthur can’t think outside of the box that is why the People at the east End of Mill will have a small center in the middle of the swamp

  • Ever since I have lived in White Springs I keep saying, why doesn’t White Springs use modular buildings that are hurricane proof.  First I mentioned it on the blog when S.H.E. was closing down because I hate to see young children riding 20 miles to school one way and spending hours on the bus.  The old S.H.E. is done for but we could have built a new modular school for grades 1-4 and the School Board easily could have secured financing for it.  I am certain however, the school board would not have agreed to this but I do not know why.
    Now we have the situation of a community center.  You noticed our previous article which virtually is placing this community center right in the swamp.  And the fact is after we pay all the engineering and other costs we only have $400,000 to work with when if we would have looked into a modular building that is hurricane proof, we would have had our shelter; a community center on the east end of mill that people could spend time at; And we would not have had these engineering costs so we could have spent the entire $600,000 on the building…… that is if Lofton, Brown, and Tebo finally allow people to use their own buildings for recreation and other things like a good community should.


    I know it is not nice to say, but this is a true statement.  The people on the East End of Mill Street are the forgotten people.  Even Tonja and Lofton do not consider the important things which would enure to the safety and well being of the people, like the safety cross walk over Highway 41 and a storm shelter community center that could be used by people in the event we have hurricanes, tornados, power outages, etc.   Spencer, Tonja and their friend Arthur would rather get S.H.E., to show they are important and to stroke their ego, pay $3.million to fix it up increasing your taxes and fees and have a dry cleaners and possibly a fitness center, which not everyone can enjoy.  Wouldn’t you rather have a shelter that is a community center that you could enjoy with your neighbors and know you are safe?   Insofar as your Town Manager, she frankly doesn’t care about White Springs and never has.  It is providing her some money until she gets another job that pays more or wins a case finally, which I rather doubt will happen.  We understand she applied for the Assistant Town Manager position in Lake City and I cannot tell you how happy I would be if she would just leave White Springs…but then we have to have people like Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton realize that their ideas will not work or help the people in any way.

    Check these Modular buildings out and tell me I am wrong, again!  Financing is available over and above the $600,000 if necessary and it would surely be a better situation than what we are doing now.  Note “Head Start” in Jennings was built by Affordable.

  • We could have use the entire $600,000 grant and have more of a building than what is going to be built now; plus it should be built  on the Northwest side where there is no water damage and so people do not have to park on the street.   This is probably not very nice of me to say, but Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton wish to provide stupid things for the people on the East Side of Mill but do not consider the people of White Springs’ safety.  Why in the world haven’t we, Tonja and Spencer asked our illustrious Town Manager to look into Modular Homes
There is financing available over and above the $600,000 we could provide and this would make everyone happy.   I am so tired of people who do not think outside of the box and Stacy Tebo definitely is one of the worst managers I have ever met and Tonja and Spencer don’t fight for the people of White Springs either.  They just don’t care


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