At the recent Florida League of Cities Conference in Hollywood much was made of the fact that the Legislature is thinking about doing away with Home Rule. Delegates were encouraged to oppose the dropping of the Home Rule Statute.

I live in perhaps the most corrupt town in Florida. Home Rule has been  a beast for our town which has brought on wholesale violations of the Laws of the State of Florida. Needless to say I will be working for the Legislature to eliminate Home Rule from the town of White Springs. We have proven over the last 20 years that we can’t govern ourselves.

From the illegal expenditure of Local Option Fuel Tax funds for anything and every thing not related to streets and roads to Wholesale violations of the Open Government laws and Ethics laws we, the town of White Springs, has shown it is incapable of governing ourselves. From the demolition of the fire department to carrying people on the Town’s payroll who haven’t worked for the town in over a year the town is incapable of governing itself. Our Town Manager is a self admitted drug user as well as being more litigious than I ever was we just can’t govern ourselves.

We are not getting any help from the States Attorney office who blames me for all of the problems of our town. Home Rule has eliminated the need for moral and ethical treatment of town citizens And lest we forget the Jasper News supports all of this illegal behavior singing the praises of all of the corruption.

I say support the elimination of Home Rule. The State can’t be any worse than our local town Fathers and Mothers.

Joe Griffin


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