Joe said something nice about Lofty amazing

I frankly could not believe that the Town would consider  purchasing or leasing SHE and leasing/subleasing the building to others with all the physical challenges this building currently has.  But what was amazing was the fact that Joe said something very nice about Spencer Lofton.

What was said was that Lofton at least is trying to do things for the people of White Springs which is more than what Rhett, Tonja or Willie have done.  So that is a positive.

If Lofton would not lie so much and pretend that he knows everything without doing the research, I would firmly agree, but my scale goes down when he doesn’t handle complaints which are given to him to pass on to Tebo and when he doesn’t know something, he is just like Rhett in fabricating an answer.alt="Scale Gif images"

Lofty, it’s alright to get information from other people for which you would receive respect.  And you can work with White People outside of the Council because they will help you if you ask instead of being so arrogant you listen to nothing which imputes racism .

Lofty, it’s okay to say “I don’t know, but I will get back to you as soon as I find out”.  Many times professionals have had to say that to their clients.  It is better to find out than to fabricate something and be sued for an error or omission.

I sent you much of the problems which have transpired with the Town of White Springs and that was to assist you so that you are not in the dark.  Instead, I received no word from you, except a dirty look at the meeting and cancelling the Meeting you were to have with Joe and I. A little humility sometimes works.  We admit when we are wrong unless there is a principle involved  so what is the principle you are trying to fight?


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