Jasper News has now become fake news on Griffin because no decision was made

Okay, I have included the ethics complaints for your review which definitely show that Mayor Lofton was the only one exonerated by the commission mainly because although he made an investigation out of the sunshine, it is not one the Commission handles.  However, Tonja Brown is still in the loop with respect to the John Davis situation and the illicit payment of Local Option Fuel Taxes to pay attorney’s expenses after the financial statement deadline.

There are many other complaints against the councilors but the specific complaint we brought forward was relating to Tonja Brown.  If Helen Miller was considered to interfere only because she asked for something; then Tonja also should be considered a rogue council member by reason that not only did she interfere with the code enforcement officer but the code enforcement officer resigned from that position.  And even though Police Officer Davis who just came back from a short leave because his new baby was born, it was decided he would be forced to resign or be terminated and he chose the former.

So when Rhett said it was over, McKenzie and everyone voted except for Helen Miller to not allow any further discussion by Joe Griffin.  Yet Mayor Lofton received an email from me prior stipulating that if he just heard Joe out on his complaint and Tonja be given a hearing, then the suit matter would be dropped.  Of course Mayor Lofton would not consider such a thing because Tonja Brown is his friend.

In the interim, the Newspaper is totally wrong in their article “Griffin plans to sue White Springs mayor, vice mayor.  Jessie Box is one biased lady and that is why we miss Alexis Spore who was honest and forthright; and a heck of a writer who actually sold papers..

First of all the meeting tapes were tampered with and the recordings prove that information was removed including my and Dennis Price’s comments about the Local Option Fuel Tax.  This is what they Do in White Springs to make themselves look good..

In any event, since Spencer Lofton was the only individual on the council or staff exonerated for his part of not placing the complaint on the agenda, there are other complaints which the Commission on ethics will be reviewing.  Since the Commission on Ethics has more power and the ability of investigation and legal opinions, WE WILL NOT BE SUING ANYONE BUT WILL BE AWAITING THE COMMISSION’S DECISIONS AND THE UPCOMING ATTORNEY ARGUMENTS IN THE CASE OF HELEN B. MILLER VS THE TOWN OF WHITE SPRINGS ON SEPTEMBER 13TH AND WE WILL UPDATE YOU WITH THE LIVE STREAMING ON THE BLOG.

Because of their hate for Helen Miller, they have placed no information of her upcoming hearing which the First Judicial Circuit of Appeals has allowed oral arguments.  The last person who showed an interest was Alexis.  So we know Jessie Box was brought back due to Rhett Bullard not wishing to hear the truth about himself and his gang of council members and Staff who he favors over the Citizens right to transparency.  Let’s face it if the Town can erase recordings, and place meeting minutes with no information whatsoever, they are not fulfilling their duty to citizens.

So the Jasper news is just a fake news publication to a great extent because who would sue the mayor and vice mayor when it was the Town as a whole who misused their public office to not even discuss the fact that Tonja Brown not only interfered, but that the Town had to fire John Davis because he told them the truth in writing and it was public information.  What a bunch of lying Stooges!

P.S. The Newspaper also stated that the School SHE would house the police department; however when Lofton spoke he stated that would be the New Town Hall for Administrative and other staff which would be closer to all of the people.  Fake News or Lies.  You decide.

Karin Griffin

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