It’s not over Rhett, until the fat lady sings

There seems to be an abundance of scuttlebut in White Spring regarding the disposition of Stacy Tebo.  Now we did contact the interim manager at Jasper and at this time, it was stated Stacy Tebo did not provide an application.  However, others in White Springs have stated that there have been backdoor meetings for Stacy Tebo’s hiring by Jasper as their new City Clerk which those we have spoken to are extremely excited.

No one wishes to damage Jasper’s Administration but still state that if she moves over to Jasper, there may be less corruption in White Springs.  Although I doubt that, I do believe that if she is hired, Jennifer Hightower will be greatly missed and the council will feel badly about terminating her employment.  But, Stacy wishes to be a clerk and Jasper can afford to pay a better salary to Stacy Tebo than White Springs can.

In any event, the Jennifer Hightower issue is not over.  And if Stacy Tebo leaves for Jasper, what safety precautions have the Gang of Three taken since Stacy Tebo knows all of their dirty little secrets and probably would have an opportunity to sue the Town of White Springs. I am certain she would not wish to take the blame on the multiple complaints which have been submitted to the Commission on Ethics, that are still pending review, investigations and decisions.

Now because Spencer Lofton’s complaint came back means very little because the complaints which are older such as those on Tonja Brown, Rhett Bullard, Stacy Tebo, Willie Jefferson, Pam and Tomlinson have not been decided against or someone would have received notifications by now.  And I at one time received a telephone call from one of the attorneys to provide additional information, which I did.


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