If our CPA attends the Workshop Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 27th) at 6:30pm, maybe some questions may be answered,

We have a Workshop relating to the budget tomorrow at 6:30 pm and we wonder since our CPA was invited and is required by contract to attend, if he will find an excuse or if he actually will be there.
It is funny but sad to think that at one time our CPA was out to place Anita Rivers under the Town bus because of his and Stacy’s handling of White Springs’ Money.  At that time, it was Stacy Tebo’s responsibility; after all she and Pam had meetings with the CPA not allowing Ms. Rivers to Attend.  Now after all of this time, they cannot place the blame on Rivers; Stacy and our CPA blew it and now White Springs does not have money for contingencies but rather can operate only through less than a month and one half cash flow.  And there’s the fact that all the Local Option Fuel Tax Funds have been spent for salaries and frivolous items, so our roads have not been fixed. And our CPA used accounting so called principles, that no other CPA I have ever known has used and obviously statutes cannot be read and he just recently backed down from his statements of the LOFT Statute and told us to do as we wish.  Nice Guy!
I shouldn’t say or wish this, but the way Ms. Rivers’ was treated and how the Town has been hoodwinked, there will be some karma to pay, Ms. Tebo and CPA.  It may happen today, or tomorrow, or later but no one should treat people badly and fabricate the intent of laws, for too long without repercussion.
Another person who has been treated poorly is Ms. Nikki Williams.   It is well known around town that those who are friends or related to Councilwoman Tonja Brown are out to get the Williams Family for fighting to have a renovation of the Carver School.   Many in the community attended this school and had fond memories of it.  Furthermore it is on the historic registry in the State of Florida and at one time we asked and Senator Montford and his staff actually visited the school to see what could be done.  The architecture is amazing in comparison to other schools in the area and it is so sad no one preserved it, even though Pi Williams tried but Townsend did not see the value at the time.  Of course, it needed more work than what the grant we received could provide, but the facts are, between relatives and friends, Ms. Brown, Spencer Lofton, and Arthur Natteal are death-nail on damaging the history of White Springs the Williams family has fought so hard to preserve.
Now the interesting part is culminating for your enjoyment.   Although Hamilton County Coordinator Louie Goodin initially stated they needed $160,000 for the demolition of the School, the Board of County Commissioners now has elected to demolish the Washington Carver School at NO COST, so the new community center may be built on that site.  Yet, apparently our prior Councilman Jefferson and Mayor Bullard at the time promised the Black Community a “Hurricane” proof building….but the way it stands right now, it will only hold 200 people, probably standing up and certainly not laying down.  Furthermore, our Town Manager decided upon the same engineers and the same builders apparently and frankly as I stated before Modular buildings have come a long way and many hotels are now being built with modular construction.  The cost is far less; the buildings are hurricane proof; and if the $600,000 would not cover the hurricane LARGER SQUARE FOOT building, then installments would be allowed.  That is being done for schools as well.   But no, Ms. Brown, Mr. Lofton and Mr. Natteal, want something, that if we cannot get another grant for $100,000 or more, will leave a metal building with no furnishings, No Generator but an air conditioner, No way of staying warm without a furnace and no one wishing to rent the building.  In fact without a generator and a manner in which to keep the premises warm, what good is the building.  When we had the poconip (frozen fog which damaged power lines because of fallen branches) there were several older people who could not stay warm and when they tried to see if the Women’s club Community Center would be open, of course it was not.  Instead, if they did not have a gas or propane stove to put on they had to blanket up and stay in their cold homes.  The Town officials don’t care if you freeze to death and they do not care enough to assure our generators are included and fixed except in Town hall.  Then Town Hall should be opened up so people could remain warm even on the weekends.
Besides that there is some stupid story going around that has prohibited Ms. Nikki Williams, our Committee Chair for Entertainment from using the Ball field concession stand.   Supposedly it is a tax problem for the Town.   Now if the products are purchased retail , the committee purchasing the products have already paid any taxes due to the state.  Therefore if they sell these items which the taxes have already been paid, what is the problem???   In my opinion, this was another ploy by Tonja Brown and Stacy Tebo to keep Nikki Williams at bay and to cause as many problems as they can for Ms. Williams.
Frankly people, I don’t understand why the majority of you do not stand by Nikki’s side.  She is one of the few who has continually fought for the community and yet you would rather listen to Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton, who obviously know how to spend money but don’t know how to bring anything of value to the community.   Ms. Williams should be commended for her hard work and continually fight for what is right for all people in White Springs.
As per Joe’s complaint, It is the Town Council’s fault for not straightening up this town and working for the people.  As it stands, there are only two out of five council members who are willing to try to help the community and that is Mayor Miller and Councilman Moore…and they cannot do it on their own.  If we could get rid of our poor performance town manager, our problems would start to disappear and in time, White Springs again would prosper and I believe Tommie Jones is the man who can help us get there.

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