After 19 years of trying, that’s right folks 19 years, the town screwed up and finally set up a procedure to handling citizen complaints. It’s a miracle.

Step One.  Find a mistake or misdeed by the town Council or Stacy Tebo.

Step Two   Write your complaint down on a plain white sheet of paper. There is a form but no one uses it.

Step Three   Take your complaint to a Council member who you know and respect, a daunting task for sure.

Sept Four    Make sure the complaint is in Tebo’s hands by the first of the month, if you’re late with this step the whole deal is off.  Have Tebo place the Complaint in each Council members Mail Boxes at Town Hall. (Caution, DO NOT HAVE TEBO PLACE THE COMPLAINT IN EVERYONE’S BOX UNTIL THE WEEK BEFORE THE MEETING.)

Step Five     Make sure your Council member friend brings up your complaint at the next Town Council meeting.

Step Six  Come prepared to argue the Complaint. State Laws and Charter provisions should be used in the argument, both in the paper you prepare for Step Two and your argument  TO THE COUNCIL.

Step Seven   Come prepared to be disappointed. The Council doesn’t like to be told of things that are wrong.

For 19 years I have requested and sought after this formula. They finally gave it to me at Tuesday night’s Council meeting. Having a Council member introduce the Citizen’s Complaint is the key. You must convince a Council member of your right to Petition the Government for Grievances and follow through on his word to  introduce your complaint to the Council.

Good luck. This Council, and all Council’s before it, have killed all citizen complaints that they don’t want to hear. But Anita Rivers Complaint was heard and my last Complaint was heard, its a miracle I tell you.

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