G e n e r a l A c c o u n t E X P E N S E S

With respect to the Expense situation, Tommie Jones has a bit of work, especially with respect to the Kendrick Street Project. We owe the contractor the first payment as well as the second and we don’t know if Tommie Jones was able to secure a Loan or a Letter of Credit. Even though Stacy Tebo was not liked by some of the councilors, I am finding where she at least had some logic. Instead of Jones telling the Council that they should get a Letter of Credit, a prudent Town Manager, including Tebo would have researched it first determining if the letter of credit could be sought, or if a loan was required and if First Federal was unable to assist, then what other bank may have been willing and able to assist the Town. No, this turns into a last minute fiasco.

It is unknown if the ball field is completed; the Boat Ramp should have been completed; Whether the FDOT SCOP Mill Street Project is completed; As well as the Carver Community Center project, the Wastewater Revitalization Project, etc. We know the USDA=RD Fire Engine Grant Expense can be dropped because the Fire Department handled their own projects.

Special Events was estimated at $1,400 The Festival of Lights at $1,200; The Azalea Festival Expense at $5,000 but McKenzie last year would only agree to $4,000; MLK Dedication Expense was $400, May Day Expense at $1,400 and TDC Grant Expense at $1,000. This year we had no expense for those items except the Festival of Lights. Does that mean that it can move on to the next year or has the money been spent?

There was no operating supplies Expense for Economic Development.

Recreation utility service was estimated at $1,600. Repairs and Maintenance at $1,000. Operating Supplies at $750; Recreation-Outdoor Movies at $2,200 .Was any money spent? Is the Money still available to use in the following FY?

Although I am uncertain what Contingency Expense is but it is listed under General Government Expense of $148,935.

The council salaries were set for the 2019-2020 FY at $10,860 plus FICA of $831. $6,000 was included for Travel & Training with Election Expense of $1,900. We know we did not have an election this year and if anything needs to be cut, it should be the Council Members salaries.

We also discussed the salaries of Staff which came to $71,225 with $5,449 paid in FICA FOR OFFICE STAFF ONLY, EXCLUDING THE ENTERPRISE ACCOUNT Salaries. However we know that this amount will be lower since we have had volunteers for an extensive period of time and little was paid except in the way of Leave and Retirement or actual salaries. Life and Health insurance is only being paid to the work crew outdoors and police department. The Life and Health Insurance totalled $6,302 which the other portion of Everyone is a consultant other than the elected council and police department.

Yet we are paying more in consultant fees $55,000 Countyline Design plus schooling and travel; Our Forensic CPA Analyst at two days a month based upon $75 an Hour; We hired a new Accountant to do our FY End Audit and Tommie Jones should know that amount since he has the Contract, Our Attorney somehow has worked far more hours than anticipated since she has done much of the job Tommie Jones should have done but limits herself and her firm to $2,700 a month or $32,400 annually. Isn’t it absurd that she is doing Tommie Jones Job, and does not get paid for half of what she does and she makes $22,600 less than Jones. Somehow that doesn’t seem right since Jones is a novice. And although our Attorney has another Lawyer attend the portions of a meeting she is unavailable for, Tommie Jones has no one to give that duty to. Having Chief Rodriquenz as an assistant manager is a joke.

I don’t know if Tommie Jones has corrected the Workers Compensation Classifications or taken an inventory of what we own and whether insurance is covering all property like Fire Engines, Vehicles with the correct garaging, and the like. Once that is corrected he needs to get an estimate from FMIT determining what the new insurance costs will be from 10/31/2020-10/31/2021 He will also need a worksheet of the breakdown so that he may appropriate the correct insurance for the various departments. FMIT should be able to provide him with that information.

Since Tommie has been with the Town of White Springs for nine months, he should know what his office supplies expenses may be as well as operating supplies. After all he is the person in charge of purchasing and he has brought in security equipment computers and letter folding machines which stuff. Apparently the town could afford all of that in spite of the fact that he had volunteers for the most part helping him. But I can guarantee we have used a bit of postage this year, which was listed last year as $1,000 with $2,500 for the Enterprise Account.

He’ll also have to find out whether Utility Services will stay the same or increase. I know it seemed that he was unable to read the Duke Energy Bills and had to have it adjusted. But in order to get the right breakdown for each building which has utilities, he will have to research each of the bills to get the correct amounts, determine if the same electricity will be used for the new year, determine the price and place each of these estimates on the budget. If he can’t read the billings, perhaps one of his cousins can figure it out. They might as well come into the office to assist him. They have already broken all the Sunshine Rules by calling each other and seeing each other constantly so they may as well break more laws.

There is also Travel and Training. I know that Jones, Nicole, Anita and Jacqueline have not taken their ethics courses which are required by law. Although Travel and Training was listed at $2,000 before, Mayor Miller advised all concerned about a FREE Course in Ethics. The Enterprise people have had only $500 budgeted for travel and training and we wonder whether the Town is paying for Ray Vaughn’s training and if he has taken his tests and passed. I know Joe provided Tommie Jones with about six books which but for two were new. Now we know Miller and Moore took their Ethics classes but the rest of the Council and Jones have not and it is imperative that they do. It’s time they learned how they are violating the laws.

Tommie must also determine the Rental and Leases expenses as well as any expense for cleaning up after COVID-19.

Now that we no longer have the Jasper Newspaper and the Statutes require up to 1/2 page ads in some cases, that $4,500 for advertising and Printing may not be enough in the Lake City Reporter. Also the way Jones loves to spend, office supplies of only $2,000 may not be enough for the upcoming year. But Mr. Jones I am certain is on top of it like he is with everything else LOL.

I almost forgot, but we also have a new Consultant we need for Planning and Zoning. Tommie Jones was to place an ad for a Planner and we have no idea what the cost may be. Transparency at White Springs sort of sucks.

Now we know we have to pay Sales Tax if we sell food and beverages at the Recreation enter and if we lease any of the buildings like the Community Center so a Sales Tax will have to be listed as well as subscriptions and Memberships. Does Tommie Jones know what subscriptions and memberships are payable? Last year we budgeted $2,400 with $3,738 for operating supplies. Since Tommie purchased almost everything, he should know what he expended and know what he intends to spend in the future because I am certain he can come up with some new gizmos that will cut someone’s time (although we have no employees) or provide additional security, except from him when he quits the next time. LOL.

Did you know that at one time we asked the Sheriff’s Department to offer us a quote to provide protection in White Springs. It was $150,000 a few years back to provide two people at all times. Heck we call them all the time anyway. But let’s look at what we pay per the current FY Budget….and we hear they need some new communications devices. Is that Right?

$131,845 Police Salaries;$3,276 Overtime; $1,200 Incentive Pay, $10,428 FICA, $16,931 Health and Life Insurance, $16,931 Professional Service,; $3,750 Travel and Training;$6,850 Communications Service, $2,100 Utility Service, $7,501 Insurance; $6,000 Repairs and Maintenance Services; $17,000 Operating Supplies; $250 Membership and Subscriptions. This is a Whopping $212,331 and it doesn’t even include fuel expenses. It did not show expenses for uniforms either and we know with all the vacancies and new hirings various times during the year, this has to cost White Springs something, plus we could get rid of all the vehicles if we had the Sheriff’s department handling our affairs. But wait, the Cousins would have a fit because we would have honest Sheriff’s working for the Town which Nikki couldn’t wrap around her fingers and get favors? And who would believe Tommie Jones’ lies if Tracy and Brandon were not here? Oh, that could never go but it would be a way of saving $62,331 and having better protection which would not be biased.

Yes Tommie needs to quit playing on the computer and get busy with the budget and let all concerned know what we actually received in income and spent in comparison with the 2019-2020 FY Budget and then determine if each of these line items will increase or decrease and up to this time, he has not provided the Town Council with any financial information and yet, Jacqueline believes Tommie Jones will save White Springs when he had all the July checks laying around and not deposited and had not paid such bills as Duke Energy. What on earth is happening to our Town? And we know now that Tommie Jones made some comments about Helen Miller she will just hang in there and let him hang himself, if she hasn’t already figured out some underhanded tricks to level him. Oh well, Jones and Miller are quite alike and this should be fun to watch.

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