Etu Brutus said Caesar Augustus

Nobel anvail


Let’s state some more facts , oh wait minute FACTS!!!! I think that helps with getting my point across.

Outside instructors were brought in. Several actually , three chiefs and two captain. All from neighboring counties , to help with practical certifications. So as there could be no biased in the sign offs , if you passed you passed if failed you failed.

Fact several trainees passed out from heat exhaustion on the original burn certification day. Two had too receive fluid intravenously from on site medical staff. One trainee also had to receive supplemental oxygen and inhaled medication for a asthma attack. A fact that was hidden from instructors. The training was stopped for all participants. Trainees were given specific instructions on how to prepare for the next chance at evaluations. Specifically the the medical failures. They were all told the next attempt in a week was go or no go attempt , with NO EXCEPTIONS.

On the re attempt all trainees passed except two. One trainee failed to follow instructions of the training chief and flipped the inversion layer in the burn building. Causing the temperature in the room too raise above preset safety limits. Burning the instructor and another trainee. The happened because of panic and fear of the controlled fire in the training enivironment. The other paniced and had a panic attack because their mask was improperly doned , causing air to rush pass the seal. This happens had they listened during the training they would have been able to correct this and continue. Instead they left the building and run for the nearest exit. Leaving their partner behind to complete the evolution on there own. Who by the way did so after running out of air. But reverted back too his training remained calm and exited the building as instructed to in the beginning.

Fact they were informed then of the failures and that it was over for them. Due to the fact of firefighter safety was compromised. If had not been for someone protesting on their behalf. They would not have been allowed to continue. Their Chief did this for them.

Fact the lead instructor refused too sign their burn paperwork off. This was told to them , but the other officers in the department , including the chief. Interceded and asked if they could have say , and voted for them to pass. The instructor in good faith signed off their paperwork.

So there are some more facts , the very people they saved from embarrassment. The brotherhood stood up for and protected as they felt this was right. Only to have it shoved deep and hard into their backs. Etu Brutus


This video didn’t mean to offend anyone in any way, it just represents our remembrance and memories from the NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999. , when we were just kids.

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