Does Chief Stith have a new trick up his sleeve?

Today was a sight to see at McDonalds.  A White Springs Fire Rescue Fire Engine was driven by someone we did not know as being from White Springs.  The Fire Engine apparently came from the Northwest on Highway 41, and made a turn into McDonalds, around the building and backed into the bushes between Gate and McDonalds.  The person driving the fire engine came in for some food and left.

When we ended up following the Fire Engine into White Springs, the driver was acknowledged with a wave from the Department of Agriculture inspection facility and the Fire Engine kept driving on CR136  to Highway41, where it did not go from CR 136 to Bridge Street, but rather turned on 41 to the Southeast.   Was this a leisurely drive through the County and the Town to show that we have a fire department that we really do not have?    We asked the driver if it was a new fire truck and he stated it was one White Springs had for a while.   Well what is interesting is that if this was the Windsor Truck it looks great and if Chief Pittman picked it up for $15,000, even if $10,000 was required in repairs, it would be a good deal.  In fact, if we had a fire department, the County would have assisted us with the repairs, besides paying us on merit $30,000 but we did not ask and of course without a fire department, why do anything with the vehicles.

So, is it possible that the driver was just showing the fire engine around town, just to make a showing to the White Springs people?   And why waste the gas/fuel just to take a leisurely drive, around Hamilton County and White Springs?   Or was there really a call?

P.S.  Mayor McKire was a witness at McDonalds

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  1. The person driving was just out for a joyride to try an show the people of white springs that there is a fire department when we all know there is not and if his ass was not getting paid to be there he would never show up.

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