Do you really like the New Town site? We have no transparency except threats like we will cut your water off. Really?

Mr. Jones really does not have the time to work on the White Springs site with the budget problems we have but I went through it today and there is so much missing from the old site. We still do not have our ordinances, our meeting minutes and what surprises me is that we do not have Jacqueline Williams photo as the new councilmember.

Furthermore, there are no email addresses for each of the council members and the town manager so citizens may reach them. Today Joe tried to send e-mails to all the council members, and Ms. Rivers was all upset becaue it was her personal e-mail and she told Joe that she was going to get an attorney if he did it one more time. It is normal to have e-mails through Town Hall posted somewhere and since there is so much open space by the photos of each of the council members, shouldn’t you at least place e-mails that go through the Town’s email distribution so citizens may write to their officials? Anyway Anita’s threat promulgated her being called something we heard Stacy called her frequently, behind her back, a “Bi%@h

Okay, we have big and pretty words but our site does not look professional and it surely does not include the information we previously included. There is nothing there and the only way someone will get minutes of the meeting and possibly some of the ordinances and resolutions, because 119’s are hard to get even if you are our Town Attorney, you have to come to the White Springs Journal to get the information. That wasn’t what the blog initially was for but you can be assured, I will try to be as exacting as possible on minutes and definitely on anything I have in writing from the Town. But you will also receive some commentary regarding what was done. Right now there is very little transparency and unless you are at the meeting in person or a teleconference, you will not get the full story otherwise.

And I have another issue: Town hall has been closed more than it has been open. Initially Mr. Jone was supposed to be at Town Hall from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. When I went to town hall at 10:45 a.m. it was closed and since I placed something on the blog that I was there and knocked on the door, all of a sudden, Tommie Jones wrote and stated his hours are 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m..

Now we have the following notice which states Town Hall will be open Monday August 3, 2020. Also onlly one (1) person wearing a face mask will be permitted to enter – no exceptions. That means a wife and husband cannot go into Town Hall together, one has to wait outside. That was what Joe got in trouble for in the first place because no one could vouch for what actually happened, only Tommie’s word which was a total lie.

So if Town Hall is open, what will the hours be? Do we have anyone other than Tommie Jones working at Town Hall at his new hours of 11-3? Is our assistant manager Tracy Rodriquenz going to handle everything at town hall since maybe she is better at clerical than policing?

Now you notice there are going to be Water Bill late fees resuming July 6th 2020 with Cutoffs being initiated on August 6 2020 for unpaid bills. If you have questions or comments you are told to all (386) 397-2310, however there may be no one there to take your call. Furthermore it is such a great time to cut off one’s water, especially during the Corona Virus pandemic. There is no opportunity for someone to claim a hardship because they do not have a job and are not receiving unemployment etc. Way to Go White Springs! Let’s show the citizens who is boss! It’s either the Manager and three councilor’s way or the highway?

But just remember, you have credits on the sewer account because you have paid sewer tax at the higher rate since 2015 and at the lower rate from 2020. Ask the Town what they are going to do about that problem. The Town can’t charge you a tax on your own excrement. And furthermore that ordinance regarding the 10% utility charge has never been changed from the $100,000 loan taken from First Federal to pay the IRS. A different reason should have been placed on ordinance 15-03.

Karin for the blog

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