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Trump Slams Report He Mulled Ending Obama’s Intel Briefings

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted a New Yorker report that said he had considered ending intelligence briefings for former President Barack Obama, tweeting “never discussed or thought of.”

In an in-depth article on former CIA Director John Brennan on Monday, The New Yorker reported that advisers close to Trump urged him to cut off the briefings to Obama, a courtesy given to past presidents, given their meetings with foreign leaders after leaving office.

The New Yorker reported that former national security adviser H.R. McMaster convinced Trump to not rescind the briefings.


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HOLY CRAP: New Fundraising Numbers Give Huge Insight Into 2018 Midterms

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Conservative Zone

Hello Karin,

It’s no coincidence that the most educated generation the world has ever seen is also the most hostile to free market ideas. Now, colleges are hammering another nail in the coffin of critical thought by removing critical courses.

Guess which courses haven’t been eliminated? That’s right – gender studies is still on the roster, but math and physics are being cut.

Click here for a deeper understanding of why college degrees are barely worth they paper they’re being printed on.

~ Conservative Zone

Brennan Threatens To Sue Over Security Clearance; Trump CALLS HIS BLUFF

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JUST IN: U.S. District Judge STUNS With Big Ruling On DACA, Reverses Own Decision

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Daily Dispatch – Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Liberty Planet

Hi Karin,

You are being lied to every day. Journalists with neutral voices have been drowned out by the mainstream media companies that control them, resulting in the ignorant statements we’ve listed below.

These sort of coordinated misinformation campaigns are nothing new. Recently, however, the hysteria has reached new heights as companies hurl out vicious attacks against President Trump.

Click here for some of the most dishonest statements the media made this week.

~ Liberty Planet

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Hi Karin,

This is an approach to law enforcement not seen at the federal level in decades, and this is very bad news for criminals.

Some of the latest actions taken by Attorney General Jeff Sessions have sent a strong signal, and policy analysts say big policy changes could be in the immediate future.

Click here for the latest on the new war on crime.

~ Steve Boyd

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Conservative Zone

Hello Karin,

The “most trusted name in news” is clinging to life by a thread, and its recent attacks on President Donald Trump are proof.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen CNN sink to its lowest point since it began broadcasting in 1980. Far from presenting any balanced narrative at all, the network has demoted itself to being a two-bit propaganda channel for the increasingly radical left.

Click here for the latest on CNN’s demise.

~ Conservative Zone


Dude looks (kinda) like a lady

Last week, Christine Hallquist won the Democratic Party’s primary and earned their nomination for governor of Vermont. Although the smart money says Hallquist is headed for a fairly serious beating at the hands of incumbent Republican Governor Phil Scott, winning a gubernatorial primary in any state — even Vermont — is an accomplishment. But no one is cheering Hallquist just for winning, as if that’s not praiseworthy enough on its own.

See, Christine Hallquist is actually Dave Hallquist. And according to our cultural betters in the media, Hallquist broke new ground, becoming the first transgendered person to win a major party’s gubernatorial primary. Far be it for me to poop on Hallquist’s parade. But let me be clear: Hallquist is welcome to call “her”self whatever the hell “she” wants. If Hallquist wanted to wear a Disney® princess costume and go by “Tinkerbell the Magnificent,” that would be fine by me. I have no issue with a dude dressing and acting like a girl. I’ll even play along. My problem starts when I’m expected to treat dress-up like the real thing and, further, expected to act like it’s better than the real thing. Just because I’m willing to indulge Hallquist’s fantasy doesn’t mean I accept it as reality any more than I accepted Rachel Dolezal “identifying” as black. Hallquist can change “her” name, hair, clothing and preferred personal pronouns. She can’t change her DNA.

I’m not suggesting we stick electrodes to Hallquist’s temples and turn the juice up to “baked potato.” I am suggesting we stop pretending dressing up like, acting like or even mutilating yourself in order to look more like someone of the opposite gender is normal, much less laudable. As a libertarian, I’m a big believer in people doing whatever they want as long as it doesn’t detrimentally affect anyone else. Dave Hallquist calling himself Christine, or Tinkerbell the Magnificent, doesn’t have any effect on me. And someone who calls themselves Christine, or Tinkerbell the Magnificent, winning the Vermont Democratic gubernatorial primary isn’t likely to change much in my life. But being a libertarian means I’m willing to accept it if Dave wants to call himself Christine; it doesn’t mean I believe Dave is Christine.

Making Hallquist’s win an accomplishment for transgendered people requires it being more of an accomplishment because “she’s” transgender. That would require it being less of an accomplishment if Hallquist ranked lower on the protected class scale. It also begs the question: Would Hallquist have fared as well if “she” ran as “Dave” instead of “Christine?” By celebrating Hallquist’s win as “historic,” her fans are equating Hallquist with civil rights icons like Rosa Parks or Jackie Robinson. And that’s ridiculous.

When Bruce Jenner became “Caitlyn,” I didn’t care much. When ESPN gave Caitlyn an award for bravery, I still didn’t care much, because ESPN is welcome to give whatever awards they want to whomever they want. But when Caitlyn became a cultural icon just for being Caitlyn, I reached for the hypothetical handbrake. If Dave Hallquist wants to be called “Christine,” it’s fine by me. I’m even cool with Christine winning the Democrats’ Vermont gubernatorial primary. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to offer Christine any extra congratulations because “she” won as Christine.

— Ben Crystal

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