Comments and inquiries made to me within the last couple of days for which I have no answer

First of all the Charter states that the Town must provide a fire department and what we have in White Springs surely cannot be considered a fire department. Now because of our charter, if an insured house burns down, it may be that the Insurance Company may subrogate against White Springs.  However, there are many who do not have insurance and they would stand to lose everything.  Fortunately this has been a wet summer but one never knows when lightning will strike.  I THINK IT IS TIME THE COUNCIL DOES SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT IS A SERIOUS MATTER AND EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS PROBLEM AS WELL AS OUR SEWER AND WATER SYSTEM WHICH ALSO HASN’T BEEN ACCOMPLISHED.


Mike Harris has never insured his row buildings and it was fortunate Kevin Pittman was there within a few minutes to take the fire out or the entire building would have burned if Stith was Chief..  But due to the damage inside to the rafters, etc., unfortunately the Bridge Street Café did not have insurance which was deeply traumatic for the owner who just purchased new equipment including a new pizza oven.and who was making a profitable business for himself.
Yet no one has contracts and no one requires insurance so in most cases it is moot.  It’s an affordability situation and at least Harris did not lose his entire building.  If Stith would have been the Fire Chief at that time, it definitely would have burned to the ground. Pittman also was able to determine that the coke machine was the cause of the fire and apparently they are attempting to secure some type of payment from the Products Liability carrier of Coke. If there would have been insurance, the carrier would have subrogated against the manufacturer who manufactures those machines. Now it is left for the Smith and Harris to fight.


Some passersby stopped to talk to me today and I have never heard such irritation about the Town purchasing the mini excavator when the backhoe is never used and had to get jump started.  They apparently read the comments of one of our contributors and were very unhappy. They also felt the excavator if needed could have been rented.


They also stood up for Helen Miller and said it was wrong for the Town to pay Befaithful and not have the paperwork to assure that what Miller requested had been done with the White Springs kids. They indicated they also were on Anita River’s blog and they could not believe the disinterest by Mayor Lofton, Tonja Brown and Rhett Bullard.   One of them told me that Rhett Bullard is losing his popularity among the people because they feel he and Tebo are ruining the Town, including problems in Jasper.


We all had a laugh about “ruining White Springs’ good name”.  White Springs has had a bad name for years but now it has gone down the Toilet. I cant use the expressions they made about the Gang of Three on the blog but it was funny at the time but this is a very serious matter.  The Gang of Three is ruining the Town and the sad part is they do not care.


They also are concerned that we do not have a fire department and none of us know what to do about it unless we lose the Gang of Two in the next election.  Like I told them even a signed statement would be thrown away by Rhett and dismissed as he did to the May Day Event signers/protesters. 
They asked the same question that my husband asked and that is “Do you really think an investor will put money into a building that is only leased?  An investor needs to get their money back plus a higher percentage of interest and it is NOT an own and fix situation which means it can be sold by the School Board at any time.  I just laughed and said Mayor Lofty knows it all and I do not have a clue!


I was also told by someone else, who apparently reads the blog that S.H.E. is going to be so expensive to fix and where does the Town have the Money?  They said they heard the Morman Church had considered buying it.  I have a “don’t know” to those questions and without a business plan before attempting to get the lease, the entire thing is “Pie in the Sky”.  And I bet Mayor Lofty hasn’t even thought about the fact that there has to be contracts for  his sub lessees .  Oh well at least he thought about electricity water and the $1.00 leas, but not the insurance which surely will cost $15-20,000. 


Yet, even though I was told to provide it to the Town, I won’t because none of the councilors wish to ever listen to either Griffin; in fact, we were told that Walter hates Joe so badly that his eyes pop out red.  I certainly can’t help it Walter, if you have not done much for the Town in all these years except question and sit at meetings.  These problems could have been handled long time ago, but you didn’t see fit to listen to anyone and now you have to fight for everything in the current Administration.  But you are not the only one.  We’re just waiting for either an audit where the State takes us over or a bankruptcy. With what we are doing either is eminent.


In any event, the Town does have money for certain events such as going to The Florida League of Cities Annual Meeting and seminars in Hollywood, Florida. This is an excellent event and from what I heard, Helen Miller ran from seminar to seminar and to each event.  What did Tonja Brown do?  We don’t know, but we do know Spencer came back Saturday or just went for Sunday since he was at the Melting Pot Saturday.


Three members of the Council went per Pam at a cost of $1,500 each.  So that is $4,500…  I know Lofton was the one who was supposed to go and of course, Tonja looks forward to  Florida League  conventions because she cannot afford a vacation.  And if Lofton was at the Melting Pot Saturday, it was wasted money, on the part of the Town and his education.  I do know that Helen Miller was granted Transportation as were the others and we are not certain if that was included in the $1,500.


And another person was angry about Tonja.  They said she is a “disability queen”.  I always felt she was on welfare, but this is what I found out.  When She was working in MacClenny at the Hospital, a mental patient apparently hit her, which sometimes they do.  She hit the patient back and was fired. Shortly thereafter she feigned disability to her back because of lifting, but the person said that they were certain her injury did not allow her a lot of money.


Steve’s Auto was fixing Mayor McKire’s vehicle the other day.  Apparently Steve Jeffers like he assists us, works on all the vehicles in which the Owners have paid him in the past.  At one time, his kindness was repayed with a bill owing him over $7,000 which he got down to $2,000 when  yet some people refused to pay him.


No Lofty, Steve’s Auto is not shut down except to “slow pays no pays of the past”.  You can’t make a living when people virtually steal from you in White Springs by not paying someone for servicing a vehicle or providing tires, etc.  He’s one of the best Mechanics in the Area with a big heart and now he doesn’t have to fight with “Slow Pays No Pays”.  I was curious about his insurance cost since the Town is buying SHE.  His costs for a small business is about $8,000 a year.  And he has had some nasty people tell him to just sell the place; why is he keeping it? They said they needed a mechanic in Town.  Well they have one and he can serve who he wants.  No more No Pays Slow Pays. Well to those who ask, he is helping has friends and those in White Springs and Lake City who pay him.


Isn’t White Springs Great?


Karin for the blog

P.S.  Mayor Lofty discussed various businesses but failed to include the Yellow Mansion across from the S & S which has been fully renovated for offices.  But who wishes to have an office in White Springs unless you live here and that goes for S.H.E. as well.

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