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BREAKING: Hillary’s Enemy Commits ‘Suicide’ – Details Released

This is horrifying.

Read the details..



We have free and fair elections in Florida with no fraud. And while we know there are threats out there, we have taken every precaution to keep it that way. And of course, we have an election underway right now, with people casting absentee ballots and early voting starting in a matter of days.

Floridians are confident in our elections systems, and they should be. All of Florida’s election officials have been working very hard to keep our elections fair and free from any meddling by anyone.

But earlier this week, Bill Nelson made some very serious allegations in a press conference. Let’s review what he said, as this is important:

Bill Nelson said the chairman and vice chairman of Intelligence Committee requested that he “let supervisors of election in Florida know that Russians are inside our records.”

Bill Nelson said that the Russians “have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about.”

And, when pressed for more details, Bill Nelson only said: “it’s classified.”

The Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner sent a letter to the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee yesterday asking for immediate clarification on all these sensational claims.

The Department of State hasn’t received any evidence or details for this, and with early voting beginning Monday, Floridians must maintain confidence in our elections systems.

Then, in response to the letter yesterday, Nelson alleged that the federal officials are withholding crucial information from election officials here in Florida.

Here’s Bill Nelson’s quote: “I hope the appropriate federal officials find a way to immediately provide them all the information they can to protect our elections.”

Nelson is now accusing the Administration of withholding important information from Florida election officials that could protect our election process here in Florida. That is a very serious charge, for which Bill Nelson has provided no proof.

This cannot be overlooked – either Bill Nelson knows of crucial information the federal government is withholding from Florida election officials, or he is simply making things up. And in our conversations with federal officials, and in public statements including from our supervisors of elections, so far, no one seems to know what Nelson is talking about.

This cannot be swept under the rug. Bill Nelson must come clean and provide a thorough explanation. Elections are not something to try to scare people about. Americans have died fighting for the right to vote.

The next issue is also very serious. If Nelson does have secret classified information on this, how did he get it? Did Homeland security give him a briefing on it? He’s not in the intelligence committee. Did the intelligence committee provide him with a briefing on this classified information he says he knows? Where and how did he obtain this classified information?

Also, if Nelson does have classified information, why is he releasing it in statements to reporters while campaigning? And only releasing pieces of it like this is a game of Clue? Illegally releasing classified information is a violation of the public trust and the oath of office.

Did Nelson illegally release some classified information? Or did he make this charge of Russian penetration up?

All of us are focused on having fair elections. But Nelson owes Floridians a real explanation, and simply stating that he’s worried about Russian interference isn’t going to cut it – he must provide evidence for his claims.

Thank you for your time,

Rick Scott

American Liberty Report
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BOOM: Black Trump Supporter GOES OFF, ‘Sanctuary Cities Are Racist’

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A tragic scenario.

Read the details…

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Conservative Zone

Hello Karin,

Progressives are constantly telling us that the people breaking into America’s borders are our future doctors, lawyers, and educators – if that’s true, the future of the country is as grim as it gets.

It’s time we do away with the blatant lie that illegal immigrants are somehow more lawful than America’s own citizens. After all, they already committed a crime just by being here.

Click here for the 6 worst crimes committed by illegal immigrants in recent history.

~ Conservative Zone



7 of 1,234


Hi Karin,

These survey results are pretty alarming.

When the Founding Fathers conceptualized the United States of America, they envisioned a republic governed with the consent of educated citizens who would fight to uphold their political freedoms.

Sadly, it’s apparent many citizens today don’t understand what their political freedoms are.

Click here to see the survey results for yourself.

~ Steve Boyd

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