Born and Raised, you should be so proud of your poor little weak Andrew

As a Libra with a Leo Moon and a Scorpion Mercury, I tend to analyze situations.  And in doing so, and I am uncertain whether Born and Raised is Andrew’s father or relative,  but Andrew certainly may be the reason his dad or relative refuses to hear the truth.  They would rather believe Andrew as the shining example of what every Man should be and put those down that are the actual shining examples and leaders of the community, like Kevin Pittman, Tom Brazil and many others. The Truth actually hurts the family’s beliefs that Andrew is a special boy, who has done great things in his life.

The father or relative disputed the fact of Andrew being in the area where the Two Firefighters perished. However, Andrew himself, dubbed himself a hero and said that he had tried to help them…but not a smudge or burn on his body could be seen.

I remember when his father wrote on the blog, so happy that his son could run the backhoe, when Ray Vaughn was unavailable to fix the sinkhole….to find out later that White Springs had to hire someone to operate it.   What Andrew did was take the man from Town Hall to the sinkhole site and back, parking his truck and watching what was being done.  In fact, Andrew has done an abundance of watching.  He has watched Kenny work and he has watched prisoners work as well as Hamilton County Employees work.  However, somehow, he didn’t learn how to work some of those jobs, himself.

And how could a father not be proud of a son who was part of Steve Stith’s brotherhood when the old fire station on Highway 41 was used as a partial brothel and party house.  We understand Andrew knows how to make great arrangements.  But as all things come to pass, our former Town Manager caught on to what was happening and it certainly had nothing to do with fires or fire training.

An how smart dear Andrew was to hide all the sex paraphernalia he destroyed on behalf of Robert Townsend so that the former manager who Pam Tomlinson, Shirley Heath and Andrew Greene so loved would not have to serve time in prison because of his proclivities with inmates at the Department of Corrections.  He’s lucky the inmates didn’t take him down for Andrew making them look like liars and frankly, father or relatives, aren’t you proud that Andrew escaped jail time himself for hiding the evidence FDLE was searching for?   Oh well, the Commission on ethics does have this information as well as information about  that nice shiny new Fire SUV that Andrew couldn’t part with for over two years.

At least we hope Andrew Greene makes it with Rural Water, because outside of Staff and some Councilors at Town Hall, we do not wish him back in White Springs.  Furthermore he has no business to hang on to his Assistant Fire Chief position because it is scary to know that poor little Andrew can faint at the smell of smoke and we understand that Dr. Dominique Greene also can’t handle fires either. But isn’t love great?.  Andrew has been accepted by someone in spite of who he is and what he has done in the past. And from what we hear, Ms. Dr. Dominique can lie as good as Steve Stith about the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department.  I sure wished we would have been able to attend, but I feel there was a reason other than the obvious,  that we could not.


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  1. Hahahahaha so InBreeder actually disputes Andrew’s claim of being there when the firemen passed away? Oh boy that’s fun.

    Well InBreeder I know you’re reading this and I’m really interested in this FACT you’ve shared with us, care to give us some of that proof you say you have? I mean, I believe you, everyone else already knows he didn’t try to save them and wasn’t there, but can you confirm this for us? Need some of that proof you say you have. Since you know, Andrew himself told the story he was, in fact, there when it went down. Love it when lies start to catch up.

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