Born and Raised is still in an alternate universe only knowing partial truths about the WSVFD and our Great Former Chief Kevin Pittman

(What she, Tebo complained of is that he did not continue with his instructors license) Yes That’s the fact! Kevin Pitman did instruct fire training that did not certify said trainees in the training! He resigned when this was brought to his attention! Fact!

Your Goat! How many times your goat! Hear say by you! Fact listen to me because you have stated this slanderous comment too many time count! The one you slander I know for FACT was far away from Hamilton County when you claim he committed the act! Slander yes other for fact are very knowledgeable of Florida Statute!

As for the Greene Family as many here are very great people and families with ties in the community that are tied to the heart with other great families here. Families that believe in doing what is right and helping each others families no questions asked! Our skin color doesn’t matter if any one is in need these families pull whatever is needed and it shows up. No you will not see or hear of this because your not included! White Springs North South no matter the name we take care of ourselves and you Joe Griffin are not needed in way shape or form!

Well looks like Kevin Pittman has a story he told you and many about this training deal. Did you know he has also continually spoke down about our fire dept. during the folk festival while in state uniform not once not twice but more! He still does this in state uniform talk about ethics! Talk about a FACT! Oh I have the names and phone numbers in my back pocket!



So, the claim that you, Born and Raised, were present in the meeting that took place January 2018, the one when 95% of the fire department walked out, I have a hard time believing. You had only one factual statement and one half truth in your comment. Let me break it down for you, don’t worry I will quote you:

FALSE: “walked in a council meeting took issued fire helmet’s and threw them on the floor! They Made rude statements and all QUIT!”

What REALLY happened: we all sat through the meeting until the fire department issue came up and we professionally placed our helmets in front of Ms. Tebo, stated our names and positions and resigned. The rudeness came from the council as they tried to interrupt and stop their volunteer firefighters from speaking in a public forum.

TRUE: “Yes all the past firefighters QUIT themselves no one asked them to do so!”

No one asked any of us to quit or resign. We all did so on our own. I suppose you missed the December 2017 meeting when 95% of the fire department stood up and approached the town Council with a vote of no confidence against the assistant chief Andrew Greene. The firefighters were tired of being taken advantage of and lied to by their assistant chief and the council. We were all true volunteers and there was no excuse for the ill treatment we received.

HALF TRUE: ONLY HALF! “Kevin Pittman was Caught Wrong and he resigned on his own!”

Pittman was not “caught wrong” but he did resign on his own. Pittman made it clear to everyone, including Ms. Tebo, that other instructors would need to come in since the fire training kept being delayed due to certain individuals continually not showing up for training or passing out during training a.k.a. Andrew and Dominque. 95% of the department voted to finish their training as a team, we started as a team and we wanted to finish as one, so we waited for the two to have free time in their busy schedules to complete the training revolutions. Due to the delay in training Chief Pittman’s teaching certificate lapsed. That did not mean he was not experienced or trained or educated or didn’t have the qualifications, he has more than enough. He is a true leader and made sure that his team was certified. The nonsense and the lies that were told about Chief Pittman in that January meeting had nothing to do with the fire department, it had everything to do with someone’s feelings being hurt because they are not a leader and they knew that their team had no confidence in them. We walked out because we will not follow someone who lies, falsifies records, and who stands on others back’s to look good, especially when our lives are at stake. We were ignored in our vote of no confidence against the assistant chief the month prior. We stood our ground against the council because they ignored our concerns, our lives, our well-being, and the well-being of every individual in White Springs.

You may want to stop listening to lies that are being spread by certain individuals and maybe talk to someone who was truly there. So you can throw your “proverbial sucker” on the floor now.

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  1. To quote you again: born and raised or born and breed (did you mean bred? Maybe you are looking to breed as in have a litter of kittens) ….“(What she, Tebo complained of is that he did not continue with his instructors license) Yes That’s the fact! Kevin Pitman did instruct fire training that did not certify said trainees in the training! He resigned when this was brought to his attention! Fact!”

    NOT COMPLETELY FACT! Tebo’s complaint was that but not continuing his license was not a condition of the chiefs position. Obviously, since The current chief doesn’t nor ever had that license. Chief Pittman did instruct fire training and it did certify the trainees. After all the training the students still had to go through their practicals, they had to show other OUTSIDE instructors they were capable of the skills they were taught. He did not resign because of his license, that was old news that Tebo was well aware of. Tebo was just embarrassed that she made a false statement to the newspaper about them all being certified before the final sign off. All the trainees were certified in 2017. Pittman was and still is qualified to train, the license that Tebo was upset about is the one that allows him to sign the final paperwork which really doesn’t matter since the trainees have to show they can perform the skills they learned to OUTSIDE instructors. He resigned because he nor any of the team deserved the slander or lies that Tebo and the Greene’s made up. Since you are so in the know, you should already be aware that the Greene’s were calling and filing false complaints on the firefighters at their full time jobs. No reason for that! That’s immature and unprofessional and had nothing to do with the fire department. Just cold, jealous, and petty hearts.

    As for Pittman’s ethics and talking down about the fire department in state uniform… that is FALSE! He is a professional and has a high standard on ethics. I’ve been there when others speak down about the fire department in front of him and never once, especially while in uniform, has he said anything derogatory. He has said outright he will not entertain or discuss any fire department talk while he is working. He is a true professional. Names and numbers in your back pocket? Of who, your ‘source’? HA you can’t be taken seriously with ridiculous veiled threats especially when you have no FACTUAL information.

  2. Damn looks like Born n Stupid got shut down once again with the cild hard truth. Thanks again want to try an spin the wheel again to see how many more lies you can tell.

  3. Let’s state some more facts , oh wait minute FACTS!!!! I think that helps with getting my point across.

    Outside instructors were brought in. Several actually , three chiefs and two captain. All from neighboring counties , to help with practical certifications. So as there could be no biased in the sign offs , if you passed you passed if failed you failed.

    Fact several trainees passed out from heat exhaustion on the original burn certification day. Two had too receive fluid intravenously from on site medical staff. One trainee also had to receive supplemental oxygen and inhaled medication for a asthma attack. A fact that was hidden from instructors. The training was stopped for all participants. Trainees were given specific instructions on how to prepare for the next chance at evaluations. Specifically the the medical failures. They were all told the next attempt in a week was go or no go attempt , with NO EXCEPTIONS.

    On the re attempt all trainees passed except two. One trainee failed to follow instructions of the training chief and flipped the inversion layer in the burn building. Causing the temperature in the room too raise above preset safety limits. Burning the instructor and another trainee. The happened because of panic and fear of the controlled fire in the training eniviroment. The other paniced and had a panic attack because their mask was improperly doned , causing air to rush pass the seal. This happens had they listened during the training they would ha e been able to correct this and continue. Instead they left the building and run for the nearest exit. Leaving their partner behind to complete the evolution on there own. Who by the way did so after running out of air. But reverted back too his training remained calm and exited the building as instructed to in the beginning.

    Fact they were informed then of the failures and that it was over for them. Due to the fact of firefighter safety was compromised. If had not been for someone protesting on their behalf. They would not have been allowed to continue. Their Chief did this for them.

    Fact the lead instructor refused too sign their burn paperwork off. This was told to them , but the other officers in the department , including the cheif. Interceded and asked if they could have say , and voted for them to pass. The instructor in good faith signed off their paperwork.

    So there are some more facts , the very people they saved from embarrassment. The brotherhood stood up for and protected as they felt this was right. Only to have it shoved deep and hard into their backs. Etu Brutus

  4. Were you at born an stupid you got awfully quiet when folks hit you with the ttruth and the facts i guess you inserted your foot in your mouth.

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