B Faithful Coker & Rhett Bullard bash Helen Miller for securing the help of a Benefactor who provided $10,000. No good deed goes unpunished.

B.Faithful spoke about the completion of the connective summer camp and it was noticed that the art from the Students from White Springs was hanging on the wall. She stated that various citizens helped out through the summer including 21st Century.  Then the ungratefulness began and I have never seen anything like this.  This is about the fourth time Rhett Bullard has taken after Helen Miller verbally and sarcastically taking the word of Ms. B. Faithful Coker as the truth.

H.B. Calder, Ph.D, Dr. Miller’s friend and benefactor. through his foundation has contributed $134,500  from 2010 and 2015.  He also contributed another $15,000 paid through Hamilton County School District for payment to White Springs H.O.P.E. program.  One of the Charges made against Dr,. Miller was the fact that she requested a check for payment of an employee and the money had not been received from Hamilton County School District  and all they had to do was contact Hamilton County.


Apparently there was some woodworking equipment held in the DeLegal Building which Dr. Miller  felt could be donated to B. Faithful’s 5013C.  So Dr. Miller wishing to assist B. Faithful wrote a letter to Mr. Calder seeing whether the equipment could be donated.  In the meantime, B. Faithful was worried about the valuation of the equipment and she indicated that if it was valued to high she could not use the loophole for her 5013C due to the fact that her assets would be too high to qualify.  So apparently B Faithful wrote to Dr. Miller by e-mail and she said she had never received a response. .And since she was fearful that she would not be able to take her exemptions, she and her board decided they did not wish the equipment, which Dr. Miller said she could store at Dr. Miller’s house until she had the room to store it. So Rhett Bullard said “Who’s Lying?  “Calder said it was stored at Helen Miller’s house and Helen Miller said it was not to be stored at her house.”


Instead B. Faithful became very nasty about the equipment as said that she wished Helen Miller’s letter rescinded because she had not authorized Dr. Miller to transfer said equipment on her behalf.  It appears no good deed goes unpunished.  And when Rhett Bullard was told that the equipment was in the DeLegal building in storage, Rhett Bullard sarcastically told Dr. Miller that how did Mr. Calder feel the equipment was his?  He said that others gave money toward the H.O.P.E. program so how does he feel or Dr. Miller feel that she had the right to transfer the equipment since it is the property of White Springs.  Rhett had taken a break and was doing a lot of talking at this meeting and I believe he had to snort some more cocaine on that break so he could keep on slamming Dr. Helen Miller for being a great and charitable person toward the children of White Springs.”How do we know it is Calder’s foundation or other people” are Rhett Bullards exact words.


She stated she had brought up the money to Helen Miller at the last meeting and that Anita Rivers “Cursed her” in front of her children and said no one should do that in front of her children, just because she would not hire Anita.

Mr. Calder wrote a letter to our Town Attorney Karen Hatton with a carbon copy to our Town Manager asking that the equipment be transferred to B. Faithful’s 5013C.


B. Faithful said that $13,000 in funds was promised by Helen Miller on 05/16/2018 who stated that she could not make such a promise because it was Mr. Calder’s foundation who decides what they will contribute. B. Faithful felt that $13,000 was the amount she was to receive and she only received $10,000 from the foundation on August 11th and she was $3,000 short and since the Town was in partnership with B. Faithful she first demanded the money from the Town and later “asked” the Town to contribute.


Somewhere along the line, Rhett Bullard made a very sarcastic crack about Helen Milller relating to the money inferring that the Town had seen this type of Situation before.  Now the situation he was referring to was one in which Dr. Miller or the Town could have asked Hamilton County School District for the money at any time and Hamilton County School District would have sent it to the Town. But no, the Town would rather pick on Helen Miller who has done so much for the Town’s Children in all of these years.  Where was the Thank you Helen Miller.  Well Rhett gave his thanks by treating Helen Miller poorly this evening in the worse anger and accusations I have ever seen and the last time he acted like this was at the hearing.  I have never seen such cruel and inhuman handling of this situation in his accusations of Dr. Miller and frankly, I do not know how she handled the matter.  Even Nikki said B Faithful was lying.


B Faithful continued stating Helen Miller wished four students to attend at $500 each. Helen Miller said this was because most of the students in White Springs could not afford the fees and she wished to assure that there were White Springs Children attending.  Then B. Faithful said that Dr. Miller wished $4,000 for Anita Rivers to be a contracted employee, which her 503C does not offer.  She stated she has 7-12 volunteers who have Bachelor and PhD degrees and all she pays is their fuel and mileage. Why should she pay Anita Rivers $4,000 (Dr. Miller said the children were comfortable with Anita) and at that point Nikki said that B. Faithful Lied but was not given opportunity to speak or would be thrown out.


Dr. Miller wished to assure Dr. Calder that White Springs attended so she had asked B. Faithful to provide information as to which Students attended the program.   She said that she disclosed which children from White Springs attended after she asked the Parents if they were willing to disclose that information to Helen Miller.  All parents did except for three and one parent said that if she had known Dr. Miller was handling the monetary donations, they would not have been involved in the program.  What a horrible statement.  Here we have a woman, Dr. Miller, who has done so much for the Children of White Springs and since no one else was allowed to speak, only Walter McKenzie was able to speak on behalf of Dr. Miller’s character.  We have seen it ourselves.  You can help the people of White Springs, give them money, give them jobs, treat them fairly and they will still be ungrateful and lie about you.  We’ve been through this and we feel so sorry that this happened to Dr. Miller.


Then B. Faithful continued and stated that they received $10,000 with no thank you for that portion of the contribution, but she continued that she needs the other $3,000.  She further stated that since she was not paid until August 11th and that she incurred additional costs because of the lateness of this money.


She stated that once she received authorization from Dr. Calder, that she contacted him immediately by telephone and assumed on May 16th that the funds would be received before the start up of the program.  She said she sent four e-mails and no follow up mail and sent a letter to Dr. Calder.  She finally received $10,000 on August 11th.  There was a concern there were no students from White Springs.


At one point Rhett Bullard asked if when White Springs received the money from Dr. Calder, whether it was before or after the program and Pam Tomlinson said it was before.  So then Rhett implied that it is a usual thing for Helen to do something like that but only implied he had seen that before.


Dr. Miller was asked why the payment came so late after Walter McKenzie stated he knows Helen Miller and she would not stiff anyone.  Helen stated she does not act as an agent for the H.P. Calder Foundation.  Nor can she authorize any set payment amount.  She indicated that his foundation once Calder authorizes it to do the additional work of investigating an “unknown” charity.   The amount of money given to B. Faithful’s charity was up to Dr. Calder, and she in no way can answer on his behalf.


Helen Miller then asked Nikki Williams to speak on her behalf since Nikki had more information on the details than Dr. Miller felt she had.  Nikki stated this started back in February and at the time B. Faithfull stated she did not want any White Springs’ kids in her program who were not refined.  Nikki said that In the First Week in Febuary, she  and B. Faithfull went to Helen Miller’s house impromptu, along with Anita Rivers.  Nikki and Anita were talking about having a fund raiser but B. Faithful said she does not do fund raisers. Nikki and Anita are cousins to B. Faithful.  They explained what they did in the H.O.P.E. Program and it was understood that Columbia County would provide $50,000 plus three different businesses providing $25,000 so she needed $13,000 from Dr. Miller’s benefactor.  Nikki stated that she wanted $400-500 from low income people and when another person had five children, she quoted $25.00 for the first child and $246 for the balance as a flat rate.  It was decided there would be four children from White Springs at $500 each and Luke would provide the transportation.  Nikki had asked the Police Department if they would volunteer on their time off and they agreed.  Then B. Faithful Coker decided to put them on a time slot and they cannot be placed on as a volunteer at a specific time in their jobs.


Nikki then stated that she had recorded the conversation on her phone when the three were at Helen’s home.. Attorney Hatton said that Nikki could not use that information because B. Faithful did not know she was being recorded and did not give her permission..  Firs t Rhett told Nikki she could not use it and then he changed his mind and said maybe it would be good to hear what was said.


B Faithful further slammed Dr. Miller, Nikki Williams and Anita Rivers that this was a “Performing Arts Program” and not a H.O.P.E. program and there was a $25 Registration Fee.  She said she had spent money for marketing and like a “Dog to a Bone” she was led.


BFaithful said the Kids through the 21st Century Partnership had a good time.  They enjoyed the special meetings.  Although the Kids received a service Dr, Calder only paid $10,000 instead of $13,000.


Dr, Miller stated Dr, Calder owns five homes and that B. Faithful’s letter went to Nevada and he was not there.  She said that the $10,000 did not materialize immediately because the J.P. Morgan System had to view information on the new foundation and that takes more time, rather than a 5013C they have already dealt with.


Rhett then hammered Helen Miller as to why the money was not sent to White Springs and White Springs could have paid B. Faithful since they are in partnership.  Helen Miller stated “Because of the way you have treated me”.


Rhett felt we had to make the $3,000 good and asked Stacy Tebo if we had the money.  Walter McKenzie said that it needed to be discussed at a special meeting.  Then McKenzie said he is very disturbed that people trying to help are suddenly in a position on differences.  Intentions play the system in good faith and he would like to see the end of the  rhetoric.  He asked if we paid the $3,000 would she humbly accept it and not do what she stated in her letter.   

B. Faithful said the Money is only Part one. Part 2 was to send Dr. Calder a letter which she has already done demanding the money. Part 3 I missed Part 4 was to ?Send this to the Commission on Ethics, the Attorney General and the City Council.

Since I do not have a copy of the letter, I believe she stated she would make it legal on behalf of John White Legal Model.


Karen Hatton said before copies were provided the council no one but Attorney Hatton and Manager Tebo would have seen the letter.

Again this is not the first time but I found it terrible that the people in our section laughed while Dr. Miller was being disparaged for her kindness.  Some of the people here make me sick and to think she was helping a 5013C who was ungrateful for $10,000. I missed it but someone told me that B. Faithful said she needed the money to feed her children.   

Again Helen, you have done much for many and knowing that B Faithful Coker has threatened Suit, the stupidity of our council to believe in a person making accusations before even considering the facts are really stupid as are their followers.  You all should be ashamed of yourselves.  What have you done for the children of White Springs?



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