And this is the woman Rhett and the Gang of Three would stick up for rather than Helen Miller. You guys are all sick

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Karin for the blog


For additional comments please go to Nikki’s facebook page.  I can’t even believe that Walter McKenzie considered giving her Town Money and that Rhett Bullard made accusations against Helen Miller, virtually eviscerating her..  This is going too far with these crazy councilors.  We also were called in the morning because B Faithful was paranoid about what Joe said in the background tape she had. No good deed goes unpunished and why B Faithful cant construe logical reasoning that had it not been for Helen Miller’s request to Dr. Calder B Faithful would not have received $10,000.  God help the Lake City Council if she is elected.  If the Town of White Springs gives her one more dime, this will definitely be an ethics complaint due to the fact that she would be receiving a benefit no other charity has received.  That is why we provide donations personally, not the town..  I have no respect for her and obviously no respect for any of the councilors other than Helen Miller who was hurt deeply by your verbal and mental abuse, Rhett.

Also remember, B. Faithful wasn’t certain that White Springs children should be involved in the Arts due to their possibly not being refined enough.  Who the hell does she think she is?

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