AMAC Here’s why I like Congressman Ron DeSantis to be Florida’s next Governor:

Ron Supports What We Support
Fellow Florida AMAC Members:
The Association of Mature American Citizens does not officially endorse candidates for public office, but as President of AMAC, I am asked often, “Dan, who do you like for Governor (or Congress)?”

Here’s why I like Congressman Ron DeSantis to be Florida’s next Governor:
I’ve known Ron for many years. A native Floridian, Ron knows AMAC and understands the issues that are important to mature Americans. Ron is an Iraq war veteran and is 100% pro-life.
Ron has always understood that Medicare and Social Security are vital programs to our members and that both are facing financial pressures that will require action. Ron recognizes that doing nothing is not the answer to secure these programs for future generations.
Ron supports term limits and has been that rare voice of reason and taxpayer hero as demonstrated by his ‘no’ vote on the massive spending bill earlier this year, saying in part, “Stuffing more than $1.3 trillion in spending and a number of unrelated policy issues into a single, mammoth bill and ramming it through without any time for scrutiny shows that Congress has hit rock bottom.”
Ron will bring that fiscal prudence and discipline to Tallahassee, and he has the experience to tackle the issues that make our state such a wonderful place to live and visit.
I believe Ron DeSantis is the true conservative champion in the race to be the next Florida Governor.
Dan Weber

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