additional ethics complaint sent

I have received information as to why possibly Ms. Stacy Tebo has provided Special Treatment for Andrew Greene and it has to do with historical events which I wish to relay at this time:

The Town of White Springs placed Town Manager & Water/Sewer Operator Robert Townsend on paid leave on March 28, 2012, after learning that Townsend was under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).   Prior to the March 28th council meeting, then Mayor Helen B. Miller, PhD, had been informed by Hamilton County Sheriff Harrell Reid and an FDLE investigator that Townsend was under investigation for sexual misconduct/attempted rape of a Hamilton Correctional Institution inmate at the Town’s sewer plant.

The HCI inmate made his allegation against Mr. Townsend to the White Springs Town employee, Andrew Greene, and asked that Greene transport him to HCI, so he could make his complaint to the HCI administrators.  HCI called in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, who called in FDLE, who assigned an investigator.  FDLE, the Sheriff’s Office and HCI all found the inmate’s allegations to be credible.

Sheriff Reid contacted WSPD Chief Ken Brookins and asked that he escorT White Springs Mayor Miller to his office.  Sheriff Reid informed Mayor Miller of the specific allegations against Townsend and asked that she not disclose any specific elements of the case since it was still under investigation.  He also asked that the White Springs Town Council remove Townsend from his position.  Brookins conducted a search of the sewer plant, the primary site of Townsend’s sexual misconduct, with Greene present, but found no evidence.

On April 26, 2012, the Town Council voted to accept Townsend’s letter of resignation.  Townsend did not want to return his keys to town properties.  After being forced out, he made numerous attempts to gain access to the sewer plant through various town employees.  Then Finance Director Pam Tomlinson (Now Town Clerk/Finance Director) was strongly opposed to Townsend’s removal.  She stated she did not want Townsend removed, in spite of his misconduct.  Ms. Tomlinson was aware of Townsend’s sexual misconduct and had covered for him for many years.  In return, she kept her job and received pay increases in spite of her inability to perform many requirements of her position.

In addition to the initial FDLE investigation, HCI conducted a more thorough investigation of Townsend’s sexual misconduct with current and former HCI inmates who had been assigned to the White Springs inmate crew supervised by Townsend.  The investigation identified multiple victims – some still incarcerated at HCI and some already released – who confirmed that they too had been sexually assaulted/raped by Townsend.

On December 19, 2012, the Town Council voted to offer the position of Town Manager to Robert Farley, who had previously served as the Live Oak City Manager.  During the January 14, 2014 Town Council meeting, Mr. Farley formally announced His resignation/retirement as Town Manager.  Prior to his last day on town payroll, Farley informed Miller that Greene, who had been re-assigned as the town’s water/sewer operator, had informed him that he (Greene) had found Townsend’s homosexual sex paraphernalia at the office of the town’s sewer plant.  Greene told Farley that he noticed a ceiling tile was out of place in the sewer plant office and when he moved closer to re-align the tile, he observed objects which upon removal turned out to be sex paraphernalia.  Rather than notify WSPD, the Sheriff’s Office or FDLE that he had found evidence of Townsend’s criminal sexual misconduct, Greene, with full knowledge that law enforcement was seeking evidence of the crime removed the evidence and destroyed it.

Assignment of the town’s new Fire Rescue emergency response vehicle and the use of a town credit card, recently approved by Mayor Bullard, are Greene’s long overdue reward for destroying the evidence of Townsend’s sexual misconduct/rape against the HCI inmate/victim.

Townsend was never charged or arrested for his sexual misconduct/rape of any HCI inmates/victims.


This is to you as additional information as to why Andrew Greene has received special treatment by Rhett Bullard through his Town Manager Stacy Tebo.

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