WSVFD didn’t complete paperwork so only received one quarter of $2,500 for doing nothing.

It was advised that the Town received $2,500 for one quarter.   Steve Stith or Andrew Greene have to input some paperwork regarding personnel information in order to receive the additional quarterly payment for no response of $2,500.

And low and behold, Councilman McKenzie finally raised a ruckus about not receiving the time  it takes to get to White Springs or how long it takes for a firefighter to respond in White Springs. McKenzie asked how long it takes to get the information.  This is the third month. He received the treatment we all get when we request 119’s from the Town.  More questions as to why the information is needed, etc.  And then Stacy brought up what Dominique stated about the time it takes her to get here from the hospital, to which Mayor Miller corrected Stacy and told her that Dominique stated that if she was working at the hospital she could not respond.

Councilman McKenzie also made some comment about whether the information about responses by the WSVFD were accurate.  I waited a long time but when I finally was able to speak I explained how I received the information from Mr. Land and I made an easy summary so everyone could understand it and that Stacy lied because Dominique never showed up for a fire just Andrew and I placed the numbers of the individuals responding on my summary which corresponds with Steve Stith’s list of volunteers.

It was asked who made the decision to pay the Fireman $100 a day and Ms. Tebo stated it was what Hamilton County was doing and Steve Stith indicated most of the fires were on weekends and asked for the $100 a day.  I went ballistic because she treated Kevin Pittman and the firefighters like dirt but gives anything to Steve Stith and Andrew Greene that they want.Ms. Tebo was upset that I said she was ruining White Springs and as a result wanted me thrown out but my Husband went further and discussed more Tebo problems at the podium.

As to the rest, Nikki Williams was corresponding with former firefighters and was able to refute all of Stacy Tebo’s lies.  You will find her recordings on her face book.

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