White Springs; a Town like no Other

This Town is very interesting and I am not certain it is due to the fact that this is a “Southern” thing or if it is just White Springs.  I think it is the latter.

First of all everyone is related to everyone it seems; even those who state they don’t like their relative will make certain if a council seat comes up they vote for their relative.  It is all about the color of the skin and that is why they believed Obama was great because he, even though half white and half black was the right color.  And if you vote the right color, they can’t do wrong even if they steal from you.

Where did this mentality come from?  It is not like that in other areas.  Perhaps it is the poverty in White Springs and Hamilton County?  Perhaps because they are on welfare, food stamps and Medicaid they don’t realize that they are getting other people’s money?  Other people’s money  (OPM) is received from the Working African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Whites but not so much the Muslim people who receive more welfare than our citizens.  Thank you Obama for caring for your own Muslim culture.

Where did all the hate come for anyone  White, except for those who provide you drugs or have proven to really care about your children and welfare?   But you always chose your relative, friend, and someone who is Black in lieu of one that has done things for you and your children.  You told many of us you would not vote for him, but when the time came, Willie was your man.  I thank God that did not happen because Willie is alleged to have used his position to his benefit and for the benefit of others, who are special to him and his friends. He does not care for you like Dr. Miller does. I thank God that she had a few more votes than he.

What in the world is wrong with White Springs?  You complain about drugs and brothels, but some of the so called “elite” of this Town or their children are hurting you and yours . But it doesn’t bother you because they have things you want and you honor them instead of complaining.  You only complain to White folks, one of which for certain has done nothing but buy your votes.  Is skin color that important?  It sure isn’t to me.  It is what a person does altruistically which counts.  Here it is always the easy way to make money; the quick returns and probably the excitement of getting away with it and not being arrested by the Law.

I certainly do not vote for the color of one’ s skin and the reason I never voted for Obama is because he reminded me of my Uncle Steve; ignorant about the world; sermonizing everyone; but not knowing a lot. And you guessed, Uncle Steve is White and so dumb that he thought a woman with ten kids loved him, he married her and she divorced him getting the estate and the ten bedroom house, my grandparents left him.

And then I realized Obama is Muslim and placed Iran, the biggest terrorist country, over and above Americans.  Trump, in mine and other’s opinions, was divine intervention.  He owes no one including the lobbyists.  He likes the common man and works for them.  He is not racist and he is working toward better trade, better foreign relations and a better life for All Americans.  We know he was never a choir boy but we do not need a choir boy or someone who talks like Obama but doesn’t do anything for the American people. He does speak immediately, sometimes I believe without clarifying what he meant but that’s okay; at least he’s transparent.

But let’s go back to White Springs.  How does that go?  Since knowledge and power is equated to one’s skin color, does the skin represent one’s brain and knowledge”  Who has more wisdom in shades?  Is one wiser if their skin is really dark?  Or are they wiser if their skin is more White like Obama’s?  It would be nice to know.

Frankly you can call me a racist if you like, even though I am far from that,   but what I have stated is absolutely on mark and you should know it.  No where have I ever lived where there is so much separation between Blacks and Whites and I have to think it is due to poverty and the lack of willingness to get ahead?  You can tell who the successful Black people are in White Springs; they are educators; work in the private sector in offices, retail, schools sales and in hospitals.  They obviously had great parents who wisely told them there is no real reason you cannot excel in life. And they have made a better life as a result for themselves and their families.

Then of course there are those who feel sorry for themselves and that includes some Whites as well.  They feel the world has not been good to them and has not given them enough.  They brood, they drink, they smoke marijuana and take drugs because everything looks better that way. They blame the Whites, or those who have jobs, POTUS and everyone else that there isn’t enough money but they can’t seem to pull up their boot straps and do anything about it.  They feel they are entitled to OPM.  Why should they work?  They can hustle on the side and get a few bucks for a beer when there is no money to be had.  And their children see everything that they do and say.  So what do you know?  A new generation of “have nots” is born who feel someone owes them something, possibly because of the color of their skin…but did anyone think that those others who have, have worked to get there?

Nothing is easy and we all have had to work. We all have had our moments of despair and most of us were given nothing nor did we give birth with a silver spoon in our mouth.   Some of us get an education so we can get higher paying jobs and some of us do not, but for those who were talented or had life experience, they enjoyed what they did that is important especially when they can support themselves and their families. Are you really happy?

It is not what People do for you but what you actually do for yourself and your family.  There are those of us who wish to help and have but you do not like us because we do not have the right skin color.  But I can tell you we are honest, whether you believe that or not and wish the best for everyone.  So, please, why don’t you try and clean this town up. Help us help you.  Get rid of the people who do nothing for you and make certain those who have stolen from you, whether Black or White, have to return the money or go to jail  You deserve the best so start realizing that and telling that to yourself.  At least that will be the beginning of possibly something great.

You may say since you are paid by the Government that you do not have to worry about how the Town is run; but think again.  Who provides facilities for your old and your young to enjoy?  Who provides food banks for the times in which you are down and out? Who gives you better streets and roads?  Who provides you the greatest of fire departments; Who treats certain White people better than CERTAIN Black people?.  I CAN ANSWER THAT AND YOU WON’T LIKE IT.  Look for the answer by seeing what RHETT, WILLIE, OR TONJA  have really done for you.  AND I HAVE A BET WITH JOE SO I AM HOPING MAYOR LOFTON IS AUTONOMOUS AS HE SAYS HE IS AND WILL LOOK OUT FOR THE CITIZENS.

Best wishes and please get involved.  It is time we Cleaned White Springs up and got rid of the Druggie Salespersons and the Liars and Crooks at Town hall.   Have a great day.


Karin for the blog

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