In the last month Stacy, in her exalted state of Queen of the White Springs Universe, has cancelled one Council Workshop and scheduled one unplanned for meeting of the Council. Who died and made her scheduler of the Town’s meetings?

State Law plus our Charter are almost silent on the subject. What that means is that the Council can vote to give themselves sole authority to schedule meetings. The Charter does speak to this saying any two council members or the Mayor herself can call a meeting or workshop. No where does it say the town manager can call a meeting, even an emergency meeting. No where does it mention a Town Manager.

I say have the attorney do up a Resolution to make the Council sole scheduler of town meetings and not some other party. If Tebo wants a meeting have Spencer and Tonja call it for her. If she wants to cancel a meeting already called have Spencer and Tonja call a meeting to cancel the already scheduled or called meeting.

About time the Council supported the Citizens and the Charter. I’m sure Spencer and Tonja wouldn’t mind being at the center of more confusion, they both thrive on POWER. If Stacy wants a meeting or to cancel a meeting she would have to go through the Council to do so. Seems logical to me.

Here is what the Charter does say. Notice no where does it say anything about a town manager calling OR CANCELLING meetings:

(a)Meetings. The Town Council shall meet at least once each month or as outlined and established by resolution adopted by the Town Council. Special meetings may be called by the Mayor or any two (2) Council members upon twenty-four (24) hours notice to the other Council members. Emergency meetings may be called by the Mayor or any two (2) Council members for consideration of bona fide emergencies upon notice to the other Council Members.


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