We have not had our first look at the budget yet even though it is required to have at least two budget workshops to give the citizens a chance to look at the budget as it is being prepared. Thanks to Helen and Tommie boy, the destructive duo, who will do anything, say anything, to keep from being accountable to the citizens. Helen could call for a Budget workshop for next week and those of us who really give a shit could have some input to the budget as is required by the town charter and the State’s Constitution.

Let us point out how decrepit a person Uncle Tom is. But Helen won’t call for a meeting/workshop. Is she afraid of exposing what a fraud Tommie is as a town manager? That’s the only thing I can think of. Makes the most sense to me. Or in the alternative the CUZ “N” WORD AFRAID THAT THE KING WON’T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON. No leadership out of Helen or any of the three CUZ “N”‘s Word. Maybe it is time for a letter to the Attorneys General or Secretary of State My rights and yours are being ignored by sheer incompetence.

Helen is a fraud masquerading as a leader. I say get rid of both of them NOW!!!

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