We should have spent the $450,000 on roads and streets- the $93,000 spent was probably the Jewett Street project from a flood two years prior.

I really will get off of the Fuel Tax Funds soon but in my notes from this evening’s meeting, it dawned on me.  We were told that in 2016-2017 the Town Spent $93,000 on operations and capital for roads and streets  and I wonder if that was for the Jewett Street Project that the Town never paid Hamilton County for and probably would have been missed, had not Joe asked Hamilton County of whether they had been paid; then all heck broke loose.

The morons seem to not know that certain funds are restricted for intended purposes and I cannot wait until the State offices see the information we have sent them.  White Springs will probably be visited by auditors.  So much money has been spent poorly to the detriment of citizens and their vehicles which have to be aligned and secure new tires because of Potholes.  Like Nicole Williams stated, if she has to pay one more bill on her car because of these pot holes on Mill Street, she will send the Town the Bill.

My God, when I think of what Hatton said “Listen to the Auditor” she must not be much of an attorney and I am happy Helen Miller asked her to look it up because she will find out she is wrong wrong wrong.

By the way it is anticipated we will have $235,000 in Fuel Tax Funds for Roads and Streets as we did in FY 2017/2018, but the Town better spend it on roads and streets.  See the attorney general opinions.

Pam also said the reason Ken Daniels increased Roads and streets from 5% to 25% is because we needed to catch up.  Well it is bad because we should have already spent $450,000 on Roads and streets and the last two years.

I can see why Stacy Tebo was fired from DeBary.  I am certain that DeBary received fuel tax funds and I am certain it was considered restricted funds but apparently Stacy doesn’t know the difference between restrictive and non-restrictive funds.  No wonder we are in trouble..perhaps we should check how Grants are handled by our staff.

Karin Griffin for the blog


P.S.  Do we sue Ken Daniels for bad advice so that we may receive $450,000 from his professional Errors and Omissions (Malpractice) Insurance?

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