We have no WSFD Members who are professionals but our Town Manager, staff and some Councilors don’t kjnow the difference and are not professionals themselves

Gothic Serpent


Come on now they work hard to look good in their costumes . They even want a new engine to drop their imaginary ISO rating. Not that it will ever be used unless it’s a parade or photo opportunities.

But you let the council run off the best department. So be proud of your results , you are literally paying them 100$ a day for nothing.



STAND UP CITIZENS OF WHITE SPRINGS Yet again another unanswered call by WSFD yesterday July 8 around 7pm i wonder if chief numb-nuts will lie once again and say they went this guy has got to he’s a fake and a fraud who’s going to get someone seriously hurt. White springs town council step up take action an do the right thing before it’s to late.



You guessed it It’s also nice to see the professionalism or the lack there of.. i mean one shows while in uniform when Andrews wife can use profanity towards a citizen of the town telling that citizen very loudly to and i quote “Go Fuck Yourself ” this is what Steve allows his people to do to totally disrespect and use profanity towards people of this town she showed her true colors. Remove this person from the department immediately for unprofessional conduct.


Not so newcomer You sir, are a liar. The only one throwing profanity around was you. Do you not think that others were not watching as your mother stalked her coming out of the meeting? Your mouth should be washed with soap as you cussed her from across the street.



Gothic Serpent Professional is far from what that department is. They will never be a professional department. Their very conduct shows poor leadership, poor training and lack of enthusiasm for the job. If the company grade officers act like this , then how can you expect their subordinates to act any better. You can polish anything and slap all the titles you want on it. But at the end of all of that it is still a turd. I no longer and neither should the town blame the lower personal of the department. It truly is not their fault that they act the way they do. With leadership like this as a example to follow. The town needs to remove them from the department. And get competent leaders in place to train and promote excellence from within.

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