I will not all anyone to interfere with the duties of the Town Manager as granted by the Charter. All of the council members urging me to reconsider must hold any and everyone accountable for violations of the Charter. I will immediate place the person on notice and I am holding my previous complaints as evidence of real violations.

Complaint 1:
White Springs Mayor Helen Miller during the Towns regular council meeting by not presenting a
motion to other council members for a vote violated the following section of the Charter. She
made a unilateral decision in the presence of other council members with disregard of:
Section 2.05 Procedures, (3) Voting. Except when roll call is requested, voting shall be
by the ayes and nays and shall be recorded in the minutes. A majority of the Council shall
constitute a quorum, but smaller number may adjourn from time to time and may compel
the attendance of absent members in the manner and subject to the penalties prescribed
by the rules of the council. No action of the council, except as otherwise provided in the
preceding sentence and in the Sections 2.06 and 2.07, shall be valid or binding unless
adopted by the affirmative vote of the majority of all members of the Council.

Mayor Helen Miller did in fact at the council meeting, in an act of indebtedness or subjugation
granted Mr. Joe Griffin a request without holding a vote, by making the “Complainant” Tommie
Jones, the Public Records custodian. Due to the sudden resignation of the incumbent Town
Manager and a 12 week FMLA leave of the Town Clerk, Mr. Jones was forced into an
unfavorable position of performing the duties of the Town Manager, Finance Director, and
Bookkeeper. Mayor Helen stated in the meeting and I quote “When we hired Tommie, we
didn’t’ know he would be the Finance Director too.” Instead of offering alternative remedies to
compensate for the long-term absence of a Town Clerk (e.g. obtain an outsource to prepare 119
requests), The Mayor made a knee jerk reaction to citizen Joe Griffin’s question of who is the
Public Records Custodian.

Furthermore, Mayor Miller has intimate knowledge of Mr. Griffin’s unyielding dogmatic style of
making an abundance of public records requests. She has used Mr. Griffin as a tactical ally to
debilitate the honest daily operations of her political foes with monetary stipends for records
request. In the words taken from the Griffin’s Blog, “The White Springs Journal” “In fact she
(Helen Miller) was turning over many a $50 bill to us after we paid for those records or at the
time she made her requests.” Mayor Helen Miller knowingly and wantonly accommodated a
verbal request from Mr. Joe Griffin blatantly ignoring voting procedures on actions during a
council meeting. Her act of Malfeasance during the council meeting has caused harm to Mr.
Jones job performance and severely hindered his office’s ability to respond to records request
with no staff to assist in responding to those request. The Mayor knew the outcome of such a
vicious onslaught of requests from Mr. Griffin.

Complaint 2:
On June 17th 2020, Mayor Helen Miller violated Section VIII of the Town of White Springs
Administrative Manual Standard Operating Guidelines when she on her own accord made a
telephone call to the editor of the Suwannee Democrat Mr. Jaime Wacther to place a press
release regarding a mother alligator and baby alligators.

During the June 17th food giveaway, I heard Chief Tracy Rodriquenz vigorously explaining to
someone during a telephone conversation that she does not make statements about Town affairs
without conferring and going through the Town Manager. After Chief Rodriquenz finished her
conversation, I asked her “who was she on the phone with?”, she said Kara Compo, a news
reporter. Ms. Compo wanted to know more about an alligator in the pond at the Black Bay
seafood company. Ms. Compo’s editor Jaime Wacther had given her an assignment called in by
Helen Miller. I confirmed with Jaime Wacther, the call was made to him by Helen Miller and it
was not an emergency which would have been the only acceptable reason for not going through
the Town Manager.

White Springs Standard Operating Procedures clearly states elected officials are to channel all
reports to Newspapers, Television, and the sort through the Town Manager. This was a total
disrespect of the policy and should not be overlooked as trivial.
Complaint 3

The Mayor has repeatedly tried to get me to terminate Mr. Vaughn for incompetency just on her

Listed in the Town Charter, under Article III, Item l there are guidelines on the behavior of the
Council or any Council Member. It states; Neither the Council nor any Council Member shall
interfere with the conduct of any department head, officer or an employee in the discharge of his
or her duties.

The Mayor blatantly during the May 12, 2020 council meeting interfered with the conduct of the
Town’s Utilities Department Director’s duties which are solely under the preview of the Town
Manager. The Mayor gave directives to the Utilities Director on the supervision of his staff. She
told him to implement a form to capture each employees time spent out in the field. This was an
effort to discredit the Town Manager’s supervision of town staff. Council member Anita Rivers
informed Mayor Miller that the Mayor was getting into personnel issues governed by the
Manager. She was overcome with asserting authority for which her ceremonial title does not
possess and continued her assault on the Ray Vaughn.

Town of White Springs
Town Manager Complaint
Against Mayor Helen Miller
Tommie Jones Complainant

She went to the point of actually telling the Director how to design and when to start a work
assignment log (listen to meeting audio). Again, this is not trivial but another blatant act by this
individual to operate this government in a strong Mayor form of government.
She has walked into the manager’s office uninvited and told him of Mr. Benjamin’s Fry
unverified infidelity. She stated he only sits at boat ramp every morning meeting various women
during work hours.
During the April 2020 regular council meeting, the Town Manager requested the council to set a
pay rate for newly hired Beverly Brazil. The Mayor responded that is a personnel matter under
the review of the Town manager. Now, how can this be a personnel matter not under the
council’s oversight and directing the activities of the director is not a personnel matter?

Complaint 4: Beverly Brazil’s Resignation
On June 3, 2020 at 10:12 AM, I received a call from Mayor Miller requesting a one hour meeting
in the Manager’s office.
Upon her arrival around 2:00 pm, she started in soft about Mrs. Brazil Resignation trying to
disguise a request to create a position for Mrs. Brazil. I informed her previously I was not going
to create any new positions. She stated she felt bad because she brought Mrs. Brazil to me. I
stated “yes you did.” but that was Mrs. Brazil’s decision to resign.
Afterwards she started asking about the relationship between me and Cynethia Williams. She
stated people are concerned about who is supervising Ms. Williams and I told her the Town
Clerk will be the supervisor. She replied, “Oh that is your answer?” I replied “yes” meeting over.


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