Toby says:
July 22, 2019 at 3:34 pm Edit
Well first there are two full time positions for EMS created by the truck in White Springs filled by two people who reside in Hamilton County, one actually close to White Springs.
Second I can tell you that it isn’t so. No EMS employee is getting paid to run Fire while on the EMS clock. We are there to serve the citizens in an EMS capacity and can only financially do that thanks to the town letting us post in their station. Yes some EMS folks are members of the Fire Department and all of us will lend a hand but when they are on EMS time that is their mission and that is what they do. No EMS employee is double dipping.


As I have explained to the Town of White Springs and the Hamilton County EMS people produce the proof that no one is double dipping. So far there has been no response from the Town or the EMS people. Florida Public Records Law (FS 119) says the documents must be turned over. There actually is a court decision that says when the document(s) are not provided in the limited reasonable amount of time the requestor is allowed to assume that there is no document or proof that there is no double dipping, (in this case) That the Hamilton EMS and the Town of White Springs failure to provide the PROOF I am well within my legal rights to assume that there is no PROOF, meaning they are double dipping. The word of Toby is scant reason to drop the concern as I don’t trust anyone who won’t give me requested documents. What’s wrong with proving an assumption, off base as it may be. Where is the proof? So far it has yet to be forthcoming.


  1. We replied with your request and sent you access to the EMS schedule the day I received info you requested it. We just found out from you your link didn’t work and immediately resent it. In addition I have I told you my door is open for you to sit down with to view the same calendar on the same computer I use to schedule and do payroll and the same one I used to confirm NO EMS folks have double dipped. I don’t know how much more transparent EMS can be in this

  2. Your comments are like the New York Times or other liberal media screaming foul when caught telling a lie in their publications. Transparency is a lot more than just talk, you gotta walk the walk and so far Hamilton County EMS has failed the walk miserably. Provide the documents three days ago as the LAW requires. I always get suspicious when a government entity says something about TRANSPARENCY. I usually means, from my historical knowledge, that they are hiding something.

  3. Sir as I explained numerous times to you, our schedule program ( the only one we use) is electronic based. You need electronic access to view it. Yes you can print it but when it is printed most of the names are left off of the print. You have to have computer access to use it. We do this so the schedule is easily and instantly available to our crews via their smart phones You have been sent a link you say you can’t open ( although we have verified with numerous people the link works). And furthermore you have been offered the opportunity to come by my office and go through the schedule on our computer and cross check the dates the fire department paid with our EMS schedule. Yet you choose to just continue to lodge false accusations against my crews

    . I depend heavily on part timers voluntarily scheduling shifts in White Springs to staff EMS And I’m already getting push back because my staff do not want to schedule there and have there name posted with accusations of breaking the law on an online blog. You are hampering my ability to provide EMS to White Springs.
    So I beg you figure out why your computer settings will not let you open the schedule link you’ve been provided or come by my office and view it. Do your cross check of dates ( it took me literally 5 minutes) to determine as I have done no double dip occurred , And stop spreading unfounded accusations about my EMS crews before I have no more willing to work there.

    Toby Witt, EMS Director.

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