And here is how you do it and not cause a lawsuit.

Redefine her duties. Have her duties include Only the following jobs.

  1. Show up for work at 8 AM daily Monday through Friday, if she misses a day dock her pay 1 day, or approximately $200.00
  2. Leave work Not earlier than 5PM, if she leaves earlier then dock her pay for 1 day. Five days a week, or approximately $200.00.
  3. Put her in charge of answering 119 requests and Citizen Complaints (after the Council approves).
  4. Help with the formulation of the Budget subject to Council Approval.
  5. Continue to pay her the salary that her cntract calls for of $57,000 or so per year or approximately $1000 per week less docked pay for not showing up on time or leaving too early.
  6. Leave her title as Town Manager but take away any duties not defined above. Under no circumstances is she to answer the phone on the first ring, she is not a secretary.
  7. She is not to attend any meetings of an official nature out of town hall.
  8. She doesn’t speak for the town without Council approval.
  9.  She maintains her $250 spending limit but may not sign any contract without Council approval. Misspending Town funds is call for immediate termination.
  10. She has no authority to hire or fire (including asking for retirement) any employee.
  11. Attend all meetings of the Council legally called. Has no ability to not attend legally called immediately.
  12.  Do not renew her contract when it runs out.
  13. No comp time. Meeting do not constitute comp time.

With hiring of a Town Manager overseer at $20,000 per year we will make money because of Stacy’s tardiness and leaving work too early. I guarantee it. The Overseer will be the town spokesman and not the town manager. The overseer will assume all of the Town Manager’s duties not listed above.

It would work. She can’t complain about her salary. She can’t complain about showing  up for work or leaving work on time. She can help with the Town’s Budget, the  primary function of the town manager. If she sues she will be terminated immediately. It would work.


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